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A new way of thought:

Would you agree it is apparent there is something going on in the collective mind of humanity right now? With information so readily available to us, we have been able to stir the consciousness of humanity in a way that has allowed for a greater awakening. As we become more aware of hidden information we begin to organize that information critically, which now has created a consensus of thought that is spreading like wild fire.

As more and more people adopt this new way of thought, the power of the collective consciousness begins to push harder in that direction. At the same time, this new way of thinking is under siege by the old way of thinking. It is the fear of changing the world and giving the power of freedom of thought back to the collective that causes a hesitation to go forward and a desire to revert back to our reliance on a failing system. Much like becoming sober if one is an alcoholic, one must undergo a detoxification period where one is getting get rid of the substances that have limited their potential for too long of a time.

Another way to look at it:

Picture society on a boat in the middle of the ocean, the boat is slowly sinking, and the captain is reassuring the passengers that everything will be fine. Meanwhile, more and more water keeps coming on board. There is a life raft on the side of the boat, although the captain has said specifically for no one to touch it.

The vast majority of the passengers believe the captain still has the situation under control, and think the people getting in the life raft are crazy for disobeying him. After the captain discovers that some of the passengers have started loading into the life raft, he immediately tells the other passengers to stop them. His loyal obedient passengers try to stop the passengers from getting in the life raft at the expense of everyone on board.

There are also the onlookers who haven’t taken a side yet. They hope it doesn’t get to the point where they have to get involved in this conflict. Most of them aren’t ready to take sides because they feel they have too much to risk. Only once their survival depends on it, will they decide to intervene. These are the people both sides are fighting over, because these people will ultimately decide the outcome of the situation.

There is, and always has been enough room for everyone on the life raft. The passengers getting on the life raft are the mavericks, the messengers, and the catalyst for change. They know the boat is sinking and the captain is insane, so they want to get off of the boat. They also know that once they leave on the raft, unless they have enough people with them they will surely not survive. The loyal obedient passengers are the captains army, they worship the captain because he gives them direction and security. They are willing to risk their lives for the captain than ever betray him. The onlookers are the creators. They hold the power of change.

The situation on the boat is a reflection of what is going on right now in society. It is a battle that will ultimately determine the future of humanity. Will humanity go down with the ship and lose everything, or will humanity gain full control of the resources available and save civilization?

It is up to us:

We are all in charge of our own destiny, and it is a matter of not sitting back and watching, but following what truly resonates with us, without fear.

It is when the masses decide to take charge and change their lives in a direction they know is the right one, and lose the false dependency on a system that has failed them time and time again, will society be able to begin to rebuild.

It is a matter of taking control of one’s self, regardless of what anyone else thinks, and break free of the shackles that are holding one back from reaching one’s full potential.

Humanity is at a point in time where we all have the option to jump on the safety boat, drift throughout the sea until we reach a place where we can work on rebuilding a better society. Some might think we will repeat the mistakes of the past and will lose touch with what we are trying to achieve. This might be true, but we will never progress if we aren’t willing to try.

We are a collective being, we are ready to achieve what we want to receive, and we are ready to let go of negative influences and destructive ways of thinking to find a greater purpose of humanity. Let’s rise up during this critical time of growth and become what we are meant to be. Great people, representing a greater cause of progression as an intelligence in a wonderfully expansive, and dynamic playground, we call the universe.

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