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Another morning news report with coffee and the morning rush of the now-only bread winner in the family; my wife preparing for work as the weather man gives his forecast for the day, saying: clear blue skies today. After doing the normal routine house chores waiting for the fog to burn off, temperatures slowly climbed to near 50 degrees by noon. Seeing that it was beginning to be a nice sunny day, although still cool, I took a drive to my favorite spot, Big Boone State Park, in Northern, KY to sit near the small lake and enjoy the beautiful scenery with the sun beaming on my black coat warming me even further from the slight chill in the breeze and the sun beams upon my face, I remembered the channel 9 news weatherman’s report of a blue sky which indeed it was…well, for a brief time anyway.

You see, that time quickly faded as the blue sky was slowly overcast with the proliferation of chemtrails from all the planes flying overhead in their grid patterns, every five to ten minutes or so; there would be another one, then another one, one here, one over there, one higher, one lower; all of them billowing out the trails of aerosols from their belies, clouds of smoke trailing across the once blue sky.

I watched them for some time noticing how the trails of smoke they emitted dissipated over time from the thin line of its appearance as it came forth from the plane, noticing how they all diffused and spread themselves out looking like what one would easily consider a normal looking cloud and, as thus, one would not know they were something completely different, and they were full of toxic substance!

You see, I know what these criss-cross grid patterns are, and they are chemtrails and not contrails, but for someone who doesn’t know, they then just look like regular clouds and…there shouldn’t be any as the sky was clear and beautifully blue prior to their arrival. How many remember a day with no clouds? They are far and few between these days; and if you happen to experience one, look up and watch the planes high in the sky, you can see them as the sun glistens on the fuselage, watch the chemtrails as they billow out screeching across the sky in their tic-tac-toe pattern. Keep looking and you will see more every few minutes or so. Watch, be patient and count them if you like, fifteen, twenty or more you will count and by then, you will notice you have no more blue sky.

I always notice the lake, marveling how it appears to be devoid of life having no water spiders, bugs and things that one would normally see, and what would be found around the water’s edge. No schools of minnows swimming, no fish jumping after hours of observations…nothing! I also tried to fish here a few times and caught nothing, no bites…nothing? Perhaps, unrelated to my query but I wondered if the farmers know what these kinds of clouds are doing to the land, as they descend upon it in the morning dew and into the water, too, I pondered? What chemicals to find upon testing found?

Who hears of these things in the local news? They are not found. Most people don’t believe…they look just like clouds and go about their day not knowing or caring to know for, if they did, someone would surely pay. It is the people who pay the price for those in the U.S. government and by their issuance to those parties who are bombarding our skies in an attempt to fight global warming by “geo-engineering the planet”, despite the fact that injecting aerosols into the upper atmosphere carries with it a host of both known and unknown dangers that for the most part, the general public has now knowledge.

These chemtrails and what these psychopaths are doing to our beloved state of Kentucky, not to mention what they are doing in their erroneous attempt to geo-engineer the entire planet, having little or no care for the unknown environmental consequences this engenders! Injecting the atmosphere with sulfate aerosols and other compounds like aluminum and barium, is completely insane and “their science” is total unfounded as it is reflected by other well known, highly accredited scientist who are not in their back pocket, who absolutely refute their assertions of global warming and climatic earth changes as a result of Human Co2 emissions.

All of which, only propagates and supports their disinformation and propaganda to convince the people — it is for our benefit. The real reason is to solidify within the conscience of the people that carbon credits are justifiable in their taxation upon the populace of the entire world, not to mention that the only seeds that will grow in this now-contaminated Earth that they themselves caused all in the guise of global warming remediation, will be the seeds one must buy from Monsanto, as nothing else will germinate and grow!

The real global warming is being caused by the sun; the entire universe is heating up, that’s the real reason, but one should know better, follow the money! More people need to know the truth and the health effects upon the people and the Earth itself as they continue their bombarding of the skies with these aerosols on a daily basis, that are unbeknown to most Kentuckians and the rest of the citizenship of the United States, including the rest of the world!

Our states’ representative should be overly concerned, but of course you will not hear a peep out of them about it, nor from any controlled media outlet, nor will any Federal institution be concerned as well. Why? Because it’s all mandated from the United Nations, that’s why! They run the world with the illusion of country States, and their government leaders and institutions running their own countries including the United States and in reality…they don’t!

So learn more about Chemtrails people and wake up to the truth and the next time you go out to enjoy a sunny day, look up…watch, it won’t be that way for very long.

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