One Solution to the Madness in Which We Find Ourselves

Friendship” by Redster Dan Arif

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As a little girl, I was often teased because I was goofy and a little gullible. Ever the target of endless taunts as to why I was “different,” I never seemed to fit in anywhere. Eventually, I got tired of the put-downs, and one day, said to myself, “I am tired of being silly, misunderstood, and disregarded for my views and the person I am…” Well, I may not have articulated it as such, but that was my sentiment.

People identified with me, because I would always attract a ragtag bunch of people who seemed to be rejected by society. As I responded in love and compassion, many people with whom I would never even consider pursuing friendships would befriend and confide in me. I came to value these individuals as the real pillars of society who were not self-important, but unassuming and willing to help others in need.

Therein, I believe, is the solution:

Banding together with others who are lost and in need, with those people who have the desire to give to others and not to take selfishly from everyone. These individuals will be humble, yet motivated, as they have been hurt but are able to fathom what others’ needs are: a group of hard-working, concerned men and women who are open to understanding that the world we thought we knew is far more evil than we ever imagined. These people will strive to balance the bad with the good by educating others with the truth and following up with a plan of action that each one can easily implement in his or her own life and eventually, into the community.

For example, many people have come to an understanding that something is terribly wrong by way of videos on the internet that, in my opinion, are most effective when they are compilations of similar events, played one after the other.

A particularly convincing video might show in succession twenty individuals with occult hand signs or several satellite images of landscape that contain known hate group symbols. Repeated images are much more irrefutable and shocking, and begin to wear down preconceived beliefs.

In my own experience, I began to see these videos and read online articles and felt sick inside as the realization hit me that something crazy and insane is going on behind the scenes. I did not have a reliable social net with resources at the time, so I had to do a myriad of research to find other like-minded individuals with whom to correspond, and most importantly, to trust.

The way, then, to make a difference, is not just to inform, but to have a cohesive plan to guide others in forming effective groups who will fight back with their new-found knowledge. One way would be to promote an interconnected collection of videos via social media, word of mouth, books, etc. that direct the viewer to a network of concurring individuals. Having people in agreement reduces confusing and overwhelming the truth seeker as he or she begins to change his or her worldview, thereby assisting that person in putting together the puzzle quickly and turning them into an asset to the truth movement sooner, rather than later.

As these people begin to see the truth, they will be motivated to action. Connected to the videos can be resources with step by step plans on what to do and who can be contacted for follow-up and support. This is the most important aspect; because people might become numb and refuse to incorporate change into their lives should they not have available to them credible sources of ideas and encouragement.

A viable plan might include a summary of truths, assurance that the reader is not alone in this, and a list of action items. The list could contain supplies to purchase on a weekly basis, a way to contact those in proximity with whom to organize, and worksheets to help the truth seeker to self-analyze strengths and weaknesses as well as ways to improve oneself to cope in various emergency scenarios.

Also available should be a list of things to know and a resource to provide information such as: how to grow and preserve organic food, first aid survival techniques, how to eliminate debt, and how to replace unnecessary items with essential ones. The most vital issue is to keep in mind is to ensure that the person’s spiritual needs are addressed. When someone loses hope, no amount of preparation will make a difference.

Taking all that I have learned and combining it with my compassion for others, I believe that I can help others to discover their potential for rising above this insanity and to actually make a positive difference in this world gone mad. I accept the challenge and call others to do the same. Together we can develop a creative solution and feel better about ourselves along the way.

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