Activist Post Writing Contest: Solutions – Contest Has Concluded

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2nd place receives a $250 gift certificate to Offgrid Outpost

It is no secret that we’re living in incredibly challenging times. It appears that we have reached critical tipping points across the board; politically, economically, environmentally, socially, and spiritually. Many of the old systems are self destructing and causing great harm in doing so. Yet, this presents a fantastic opportunity to remake the world a more just and peaceful place.

It’s not enough anymore to identify and blame the ruling elite for these problems. It’s time for regular people to offer real solutions and a vision for the future. Otherwise when things collapse, the ruling class will surely offer their maniacal solutions if no other options are presented.

That is the motivation for this writing contest; to give you a chance to articulate your ideas for solutions. We are looking for articles about ideas for non-violent resistance, survival and self-sufficiency, political solutions, personal growth, alternative economy, alternative education, and alternative healthcare.

The winner will be determined strictly based on the highest number of total page views that the article generates during the contest so that subjective judging will not affect the outcome. It is helpful to get your submissions in early, yet most of the views happen in the first 48 hours of posting. Not all submissions will be published, and we retain the right to make final small edits for typos and grammar.

Please see the guidelines for submissions below:

  • Length: 1,200 words maximum. Footnotes do not count as part of the total.
  • Originals Only: The article must be original content for our exclusive use as the first website to publish it on the Internet.
  • Deadline: The contest officially begins on November 15th, 2012 and will run through December 15th, 2012. Articles will be reviewed and published in the order they are received. As the winner will be determined by total page views, the earlier you submit your article the better chance you have to win. The winner will be announced on December 20th, 2012.

Important Submission Guidelines:

  • Please submit completed articles via email to
  • Submissions can be cut-and-pasted into an e-mail, or you may attach a Word file. 
  • We can only make minor edits, so submissions that have poor formatting, or need heavy editing will be disqualified. 
  • Unfortunately we are not able to attend to follow-up edits once a submission is posted, so please take time to be sure that you are submitting a final version you are happy with. 
  • Multiple submissions are permitted, but will not count toward a cumulative page view total; each entry will stand on its own.  
  • We cannot accept images, due to the length of time it takes to post them, but you may provide 1 video that is relevant to your article. 
  • Lastly, please provide a title.  

Best of luck to all, we look forward to hearing and sharing what you have to say.

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