States Rights for Recreational Cannabis Nullify Federal Hypocrisy

Chris Corley

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History was made this past election day when cannabis was legalized for recreational use in Colorado and Washington. Many see this as a shining example of how ‘States Rights’ can possibly be a crucial mechanism in breaking away from our corporate controlled government and its tyrannical policies. 

As featured on 60 Minutes a few weeks ago, Colorado is arguably the country’s hub for medical cannabis operations. As such, the feds would likely not garner any convictions with the people of Colorado so widely supporting it, as it brings in much needed revenue while supplying the demand of medicine to patients.

Another important trend is that many court cases across the country are experiencing is ‘Jury Nullification‘ for nonviolent cannabis offenses. Jury’s are more and more frequently not willing prosecute against state implemented laws. The feds and our hypocritical president will have to decide whether to waste more taxpayer money on persecuting state approved Cannabis laws, or not.

Additionally, the fiber from industrial hemp (also legalized in Colorado), a cousin of cannabis, creates paper, plastics, food, fuel, soap, textiles and jobs! Recreational cannabis legalization is not only pertaining to cannabis here but industrial hemp as well, which adds considerable momentum to what some are calling the “Green Rush”. 

Tens of millions of jobs have left this country the last few decades and instead of complaining about it without any solutions, hemp as a major cash crop that partially addresses the issue of creating sustainable industry infrastructure in America. Currently, hemp products have to be imported into the U.S. at a substantial additional cost to the consumer.
Here’s a short video explaining the real financial benefit from legalization will likely come from industrial hemp:

“The Washington measure may generate as much as $1.9 billion in revenue over five fiscal years” according to Washington state’s Office of Financial Management. Cannabis and hemp may prove to be one of the best ways for states to avoid financial dire straights. As such, ‘States Rights’ may very well be the unavoidable next big catchphrase. It’s already becoming quite popular in the alternative media.

www.OffgridOutpost.comTo truly discover the hypocrisy regarding the existing drug laws, let’s take a look at the ‘legal’ drugs. On average; alcohol kills 100, pharmaceuticals 290, and tobacco 1200 people every day —  while cannabis has never killed anyone. To compound the hypocrisy, there’s more evidence of cannabis’ medicinal benefits, studies at Harvard, San Francisco’s CA Pacific Medical Center Research Institute, and the Complutense University in Madrid, have shown that the cannabinoids and compounds in cannabis kills cancer cells.

Aside from these numerous medicinal benefits from cannabis and the industry possibilities from hemp, there is the money and jobs that will be generated from this miracle plant. Even in a healthy economy this is a no-brainer, but in our current condition it’s imperative now to innovate and change, real change. 

A quote by our current president before he was elected regarding medical cannabis “What I’m not going to be doing is using justice department resources to try to circumvent states laws on this issue simply because I want folks to be investigating violent crimes…” Most of you reading this probably realize since becoming president his actions against medical cannabis, and the ‘States Rights’ surrounding this issue have been far worse than Bush.

Colorado and Washington will win this battle. Our country is broke, and with the current revenue in the billions from the existing medical cannabis industry and the now recreational legalization with the potential of industrial Hemp cultivation, the feds should step aside and let the Green Rush and the will of the people flourish.

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