Pass on the Edible Deodorant – Try These 10 Internal Deodorants Instead

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There are ways to smell swell from the inside out without spending 7.99 for a candy to emit a rose scent for a few hours. And the suggestions below won’t make you smell froo froo!

Deo Perfume Candy promises its rose and geraniol ingredients will make you waft roses while you sweat. Unfazed, chemist George Preti said “’the wonderful smell known as body odor’ depends on the chemical composition of a person’s skin secretions and the type of bacteria feeding on them.” And he has a great point.

But, the candy is hitting a truthful chord – that odor comes from the inside, why not battle them there instead of external masking? Unfortunately, it only emits a fragrance and doesn’t eradicate odor-ausing problems. It contains, among other questionable ingredients, sugar (which indirectly causes odor!) and the sugar-free kind has nerve-toxin Aspartame, made from GM bacteria and linked to cancer, brain damage and so much more. Geraniol, the scent-diffusing ingredient, repels mosquitoes, but can attract bees!

What goes in must go out – if toxic food and environmental ingredients can’t be assimilated and eliminated, where do they go? Eventually pushed through the skin in a variety of unpleasant ways.

People are starting to realize, too, that B.O. and halitosis arise from bowel health. Even Jesus said (spiritually speaking), “…cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.”

Try incorporating these ways and not worry about body odor anymore – each costs less than that bag of perfume candy and even help with halitosis:

  • Chlorophyll – a natural odor neutralizer, works in the blood and colon. Helps with all types of odor and rumored to help hunters mask scent from prey. 
  • More plant foods, veggie juices, super foods, green smoothies – hydrating, alkalizing, fiber, enzymes, chlorophyll, anti-oxidants. 
  • Water – lots of pure water to flush out liver-colon-kidney toxins, aids digestion. 
  • Yogurt, Kefir, raw milk – multiple strains of pro-biotics keep bad gut bacteria in check, helps regularity.  
  • Loose Leaf Teas and other detoxes 
  • A variety of colon cleanses, then the liver – internal ones tend to be more comfortable. 
  • Eating garlic and onion long-term – A totally counter-intuitive move, but garlic and onion are antibacterial qualities and cleanse the blood. Just avoid within a day or two of a date! The odor makes its way through the body and out the lungs. 
  • Food pairings might help if you are struggling – for instance, eating fruit or sugar with meat can halt digestion and allow it to ferment in the gut. That means the rotting meat would take even longer than usual to digest and leave the body. 
  • Ingestible colloidal silver 
  • Want candy? Try one with ginger or peppermint oil. 
  • Avoid antibiotics and foods (like sugar) that feed Candida yeast in the body.
Some Topical solutions:
  • NOBO – no affiliation, just a personal recommendation that contains, dead sea salts, minerals, and colloidal silver! 
  • Why not also try colloidal silver alone?
  • Jamango Butter
  • Herbally Clean – contains odor neutralizing lichen, but not all the ingredients are friendly.
  • Have fun making your own – that recipe has probiotics – interesting way to kill bacteria on skin.
  • Essential Oils – multiple benefits; for instance, Cedarwood oil smells manly and has lithium-like qualities, a natural mood elevator  Mix it to make it smell more feminine and use any that smell appealing. Most are anti-bacterial. Note: Always use a carrier oil/lotion when using on the skin to avoid burning.
  • In Catherine Frompovich’s new book, A Cancer Answer, she recommends a swab with hydrogen peroxide under the arms and says that people who consume a lot of meat products tend to struggle more with body odor.

Have you ever tried to look for a natural antiperspirant in the health food stores? You might not find such a product because the very act of plugging sweat in the underarms is – unnatural. The main sweat-blocker in antiperspirants is derived from aluminum, infamously linked to Alzheimer’s. Why do staple consumer products veer on the side of toxic heavy metals – especially in such an absorb-able area of the body? Thankfully, the internal deodorants above also aid in metal detox.

There may be natural methods of keeping dry when going out – but the point is, not to have to worry about embarrassing bacterial/fungal odor emitted from the body, sweat and off the skin. Instead of spending tons on grooming products that contain carcinogens and fragrance (which in-and-of-itself can contain up to 1,000 chemical ingredients), avoid the cost and headache and feel clean from the inside out.

ABCNews called Deo an “example of a nutricosmetic, an edible product that purports to change the way you look or smell from the depths of your bowels.” Maybe, at the very least, this seeming novelty product will help introduce that paradigm to the public at large.

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