How To Re-elect a Tyrant: Step-by-step instructions for lovers of tyranny!

Bernie Suarez, Contributor
Activist Post

Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro was recently pronounced the winner of the presidential elections here in the U.S. and that begs the question, ‘How did he do it?’ Good question; let’s examine not only how he did it, but how a future tyrant can secure re-election in the face of a horrible presidential performance saturated with broken promises, race to totalitarianism and fascism, international human rights violations and double-talk and deflection on almost every issue.

Let’s step back and examine the task a little closer. Our task is to re-elect someone who has shown the world that they care not about individual freedom, human rights and human equality; someone that has already committed war crimes and is even holding a position that he is not qualified for — and despite all of this we need to create an environment where this same person can be re-elected by winning the majority of votes (electoral votes) nationwide.

Let’s review the steps involved in re-electing tyrants.

a. Control of Information

Re-electing an individual of this nature requires first and most importantly a solid control of the information available to the masses. As psychologist discovered over a hundred years ago, there is a psychology to manipulating the masses; yes, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. There is also a mild way and an extreme way to do it. Getting it right is, therefore, very important.

Media propaganda is what we are talking about. For a tyrant who gets a head start, as Barry Soetoro did with his ‘Change’ marketing campaign of 2008, you want to ride on a similar sentiment. Use all marketing tactics available; reply to accusation by demonizing the opposition, questioning their intent and creating counter criticism and counter arguments instead of answering any tough questions directly. By controlling the information the flow of challenging questions is trivialized and practically eliminated. Creating a culture where statements from the tyrant’s campaign are “approved” prior to being covered by the privately owned corporate media is a powerful tool for silencing dissent and sticking tightly to the planned marketing campaign.

b. Break off into teams


With a controlled opposition, the pressure to please the boss is removed as the boss has already won, which also makes the task for the current tyrant much easier and pressure free. The tyrant knows that teams are made to play together so whether the tyrant wins or loses the election it will only be because this is how it is pre-planned according to the boss’ script (globalist central bankers).

Breaking up into (2) separate teams, works perfectly hand in hand with the ‘creating your own debate committee’ plan. The idea is to be your own boss and do not outsource control to any other entity that is not already on your team. Think of it as a corporation that only hires from within.

This is exactly how to set up the staged public debates; like this the teammates can stage as many debates as necessary and have fun with the softball questions.

c. Spark the competition

Creating the illusion of choice depends on the public perception that if one team wins the other team will be very upset. The perception of dislike and genuine desire to beat the opponent has to be there. This energy will then fire up division between the followers of the teammates just like in sports. Employing sports psychology here is priceless and epically strategic. The tyrant’s team thus is responsible for coaching the general public into rallying around the tyrant if for no other reason than to defeat the teammate’s team. Think Yankees vs Red Sox here.  MLB benefits greatly $$ every time these teams play each other regardless of who wins. A public relations department must nurture this dynamic for the tyrant to be re-elected. Slipping up on this critical tactic could allow other parties not involved in the private two-team agenda to gain some PR ground . . . no need to take chances.

d. Don’t leave anything to chance, lock in any necessary (Voting Fraud) technology

Just in case (the people get ideas) make sure you have control of any voting machine technology or regulations that you will need to secure the election from any crazy ‘people’ ideas. Be prepared, if necessary, to control the actual end results. This is another reason to lock in the final results as much ahead of time as possible. Keep your ‘Michael Connell’ I.T. employees hidden from public view as much as possible so you don’t have to be in the awkward position of having to blow up someone’s plane and then having the world accuse you of murdering your I.T. person who helped secure the election for you. Probably dealing with larger companies and private DISCLOSURE agreements is very smart, thereby forcibly silencing those that cooperate with your plan. Who needs another 2004 Michael Connell situation?

e. Don’t give up

With the publicity battlefield so clearly outlined, and the players and rules pre-planned, re-election of a tyrant is a done deal. One need to only keep a pulse on the public perception, keep pumping money into the latest social media channels with your marketing messages and stay steady until you hit the finish line.

Know and understand that the road to tyranny and the election and re-election of tyrants has been travelled by many before you. Know that governments and people who care not about humanity have been studying this tyrannical science for centuries to make sure these tactics and techniques work.

Tyrants of the past and the present all know this, however; that their rule is temporary as are all things on earth. There is a time and a season for everything, even tyranny; for without tyranny humanity would likely not appreciate freedom. Such is the nature of life. Without death there would be no appreciation for life; and without evil and hatred there would be no appreciation for good and loving things.

Tyrants know that human curiosity, critical thinking, honesty, accountability, justice, love, compassion, truth and integrity are all a major threat to their existence. They know that if humanity gets together and works together to implement solutions for the world, their days are done. They know that if this ever happened, if humanity is able to get together in one consciousness for the better of the species, they will face extermination and or removal from society to be cast away for ever.

This is the way of nature and this is how humanity purges the infirmity that afflicts it. Like a tapeworm preventing the thriving of the human race, tyranny and totalitarianism is the obstacle in the way of the most powerful cognitive and spiritual revolution of consciousness humanity has possibly ever experienced.

Now we know not only how to re-elect a tyrant, but how to terminate their term and remove them from society; may we all get to that point of political awareness before it’s too late.

Until then, please share this article and continue being the change that will make this change come about.

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titled The Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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