Corporate Media Uses False Graph to Sell Iran Nuke Threat

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Joe Wright
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It has now been well established that the coordinated lies and distortions centered on WMDs that led to wars in the Middle East was sold to the American people and the world by the corporate media arm of the military-industrial complex. Perhaps the success at hoodwinking the general public has led to even more brazen attempts to implicate Iran as the planet’s latest ultimate threat to peace and civilization.

A diagram recently “leaked” was breathlessly stated by The Associated Press as an indication that Iran is working on the development of a nuclear weapon that would be triple the size of what was dropped on Hiroshima in 1945.

Fortunately, before this claim could even get off the ground, it has been shot down as a “million-fold error” by researchers at The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. According to them, it is nothing short of “slipshod analysis” or an “amateurish hoax.” And this is coming from the very same group of scientists that developed atomic weapons as part of The Manhattan Project.

This latest gaff by the so-called mainstream media covered in the video report below should reinforce the need to question anything coming from the establishment regarding a grave Iranian nuclear threat.

The AP report is a case study at how zero information can be passed off as proof of key information that should strike fear into the hearts of people the world over. Here is what they said:

The diagram was leaked by officials from a country critical of Iran’s atomic program to bolster their arguments that Iran’s nuclear program must be halted before it produces a weapon. The officials provided the diagram only on condition that they and their country not be named.


A senior diplomat who is considered neutral on the issue confirmed that the graph obtained by the AP was indeed one of those cited by the IAEA in that report. He spoke only on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the issue.

The IAEA report mentioning the diagrams last year did not give details of what they showed. (Source)

Not only are the above statements proof of absolutely nothing worth beginning world war three over, the diagram itself isn’t even what it purports to be.

All journalists and news outlets can make honest errors or exhibit poor judgement went trusting sources confidential or otherwise. But the ramp-up of fear mongering surrounding an Iranian nuclear threat is decades in the making and has been consistently trumpeted across major networks.

In the words of Paul Craig Roberts:

Americans have been told that if Iran doesn’t have nukes, it has a nuke weapons program. This is what the politicians of both parties, the media, and the Israel Lobby tell them. Americans are told this despite the facts that the CIA and the National Intelligence Estimate stick to the conclusion that Iran abandoned its flirtation with a nuclear weapon in 2003 and the International Atomic Energy Agency inspectors on the ground in Iran report no evidence of a nuclear weapons program and no evidence of any diversion of enriched uranium to a weapons program. (Source)

This recent distortion by the Associated Press, whether deliberate or not, goes beyond mere journalistic error or laziness; it can have catastrophic consequences.

It is a positive sign, however, that not only was this exposed in record time, but every metric points to an increasing number of people who recognize the ties between media and government; some polls show that 60% do not trust ” the mainstream media.

We cannot afford to continue permitting government’s lies to become truth. Please share this sterling example of media error and distortion with friends and family who might still be on the fence about where to get their information. It couldn’t be more obvious that the agenda of the presstitute media is anything but world peace.

For a more balanced and detailed discussion of the geopolitical games being played in the Middle East with respect to the threat of Iranian weapons of mass destruction, please see the work of Paul Craig Roberts and Stephen Lendman.

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