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Previously we have written about the best survival foods found at your local grocery store. But food is not the only thing in supermarkets that can be useful for surviving potential crises. In fact, since large supermarkets have a huge selection besides food, they can provide most survival essentials outside of tools and weapons.

Here are just some of the important survival items to buy in bulk while grocery shopping.  Please add any items we missed into the comment section below.

First Aid Kit: Most grocery stores these days will have pre-made first aid kits which are usually worth buying because they’re easy to store and have diverse items.  However, picking up extra bandages, antibiotic creams, band aids, bug spray, aloe, and other items will be helpful.

Medicine: If you have prescriptions, it’s best to have at least one month’s worth on hand. Over-the-counter items like Ibuprofen or Tylenol, Benadryl and others are also wise to stock up on.

Vitamins: If you’re in a deep survival situation, the selection of food will likely be less nutritious than you require. Therefore, to stave off illnesses and infections, having a good supply of multivitamins will come in real handy.

Baking Soda: Baking soda has over 500 practical uses from deodorant, to toothpaste, to soaps and so much more. If baking soda is not already put to use in your household, add it to the rotation and buy in bulk for your survival cache.

Toiletries: As mentioned above, in a pinch, baking soda can be used for most bodily car products. Yet, if you’d prefer your normal brands, then you better stock them as well. In addition to personal care products; toilet paper, cotton balls, feminine products, Q-tips, and hydrogen peroxide are must-have bulk items.

White Vinegar: White vinegar can and should replace every household cleaning product in your home.  It is great for windows, bathrooms, floors, counters, and nearly everything else.  It’s cheap and environmentally safe and and offers an easy way to minimize toxic household chemicals.

Bleach: Chlorine bleach also has many uses, not least for purifying water. Bleach will also take care of anything that can’t be cleaned with vinegar, like mold or heavily stained surfaces.

Baby Wipes: This item could go under toiletries, but it is so important that it gets its own category. Again, the uses are too many to list, but they can primarily serve as a dry bath if water supplies are limited during a survival situation.

Household Fuel: Lamp oil, lighter fluid, and small propane tanks can all be found in grocery stores.  Each have their own unique purposes in survival situations.  Be sure to have a few extra containers of each in your survival bank.

Candles: Candles are important for obvious reasons. It wouldn’t be much of a survival situation if the power was on. Therefore, plan for the worst and stock up on various sizes of candles for lighting and other needs.

Batteries: Batteries of all shapes and sizes are one of the first things to disappear in a disaster situation.  Make sure you have plenty of batteries for flashlights, radios, and other essential items.

Garbage Bags: Plastic garbage bags are incredibly useful for lugging things, keeping items dry or as an emergency parka, making a water purification still, storing food and many other uses.

Duct Tape: This marquis item with a 1000 uses was invented as a result of military requirements during WWII, making it a must-have survival item. You won’t regret having extra stored in your preps.

Barter Goods: All of the items above will make terrific barter items should there be a sustained crisis.   However, other items found in the supermarket that are excellent for barter are booze, cigarettes, lighters, spices, safety pins, and crazy glue.

Stay tuned or our must-have survival tools article coming next week.  Don’t forget to add to this list in the comments below

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