Fear Itself, Part II – The Power of No

Dan and Sheila Gendron, Contributors
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Some people in the scientific community speak of “genetic memory”, also known as racial memory. This is the way in which a person’s DNA can be permanently altered by external, psychological forces. This change – and its emotional effect – is then carried forward to the next generations. There are genetic fears implanted deeply within us by which we are manipulated on a daily basis. It is also possible to be free of these fears and loosen the controls under which you live.

The purpose of programming fear into the masses of people is to control us – and is it ever effective! Fear, although it is a very low vibrational force, is an extremely powerful emotion. It is used extensively in brainwashing programs, because nothing makes the implanting stronger than a good dose of fear.

In order to rid ourselves of the fear, we must look at the methods used to instill it.

According to ancient stories, Nimrod of old Babylon, King of the Chaldees, known as a brave hunter of boars, convinced his people that there were great dangers outside his city walls (See Hegelian Dialectic and external threat), and that not only should the people live within its walls, but they should give him all their grain and other produce, plus any precious metals or gems, to hold in his protected bins for “security” (or rather, the illusion of safety). He even gave them a little clay tablet as a receipt that he told them could be traded for other goods. (Sound familiar?) But the people did as they were told because they were given a dose of fear. That is, until all the goods in Nimrod’s treasury were spent, leaving the city and its people bankrupt and open to invasion and defeat by the Persians. But still it left a genetic memory implant to fear a non-existent external threat.

In the Dark Ages the feudal system trained us to fear the lord of the manor, who was, in turn, controlled by the church. The lord promised to protect his serfs from marauding bands of strangers (the fear factor) if they would work the land and give him all but a minuscule part of what they produce – just enough for the serfs to stay alive to be able to work the land next spring. If he sold his estate, they were considered part of the property – nothing more important than a plow. Education was repressed for the masses and allowed only to the gentry, lest the serfs discover the deception they had been enslaved under. The people did as they were told because they were given a dose of fear. That is, until the repression was so heavy that it gave rise to all manner of secret societies where scholars could freely discuss more enlightened ideas. But still it left a genetic memory implant to fear a non-existent external threat.

The European Royalty did not bother inventing an outside entity for the people to fear. They taught their subjects to fear the kings and queens by the public execution of those who disobeyed their commandments. They used the guillotine or draw-and-quartering, and they made sure that the people watched the event. The people weren’t there because they wanted to see the blood and gore, they were there because the were commanded to do so. So the people did as they were told, because they were given a dose of fear. That is, until the people had enough and revolted, overturning or changing the monarchies. But still it left a genetic memory implant to fear “authority”.

I’m going to use the term “Black Magic” here, but call it what you will – propaganda, mind control, group think, 100th monkey, etc. It’s all the same thing under different names. Regardless of whether or not you believe it or believe in it, it is what TBTP use, so it bears discussion. Under black magic rules, the subject of the malicious intent MUST ACQUIESCE FIRST. The victim must be in agreement on some level for the power to work. When you do not acquiesce, they have no power over you whatsoever.

So the choice of being groped so you can travel by air or not is very important, but not in the ways you may think. Most will say “I need to travel for my job.” Others will say “I want to be able to visit Grandma for the holidays.” And still others figure it’s a small price to pay to be able to go to Hawaii for vacation. But few really understand what is going on. The malicious, occult intent of all the enhanced security procedures is pure black magic being used against you.

It doesn’t matter to those who practice black magic whether you believe in it or not. For most of those who are employed by TPTB, they don’t really believe in it either – they are just compartmentalized functionaries, being used to carry out an esoteric mission. But the choice is still the same: you can either go through the cancer-causing scanners, or the pervert grope line. Either way they’ve got you by the balls. And they have you by your own choice; your own acquiescence.

How long would it take to get rid of the naked body scanners and the groping cretins of the TSA if only 10% of the air travelers, bus travelers, train travelers, shopping mall pedestrians, prom goers, et al, said’ “NO”, regardless of the personal consequences to their travel plans, but “YES” to the great awakening of their self-respect.

There is something far more valuable going on than your ability to have a job, to visit granny, to vacation in Hawaii. They really don’t want you to know how much they’ve gotten you to give up. Nothing you possess is more valuable than your sacred choice. The most important thing TPTB try do you is make you forget that you have a choice. And they do it with fear.

Those who allow this fear into their lives – with excuses like it’s my job, my visit with relatives, my vacation – need to realize they are being deeply conditioned to acquiesce to the next piece of your humanity that TPTB want to take from you.

TPTB are just waiting for you to say “please let me visit granny, please let me have my job, please let me have my vacation” or whatever carrot they dangle in front of you next, whatever next manufactured fear they have a solution for, waiting for you to acquiesce, to ask them to take your natural rights, so that you feel secure against whatever imaginary monster they have caused you to fear.

No to What?

No to someone else controlling your mind!

No to having your genitals grabbed to board an airplane or go ANYWHERE!

No to wars fought in your name!

No to being programmed by TV!

No to the false Left/Right paradigm!

No to accepting anything as truth just because someone “in authority” told you so!

Now we are being taught to fear “Al-CIA-da”, Muslims as a whole, and most of all, each other. Are you perfectly willing to accept travel papers to travel within the USA? Taser bracelets to fly? Aggressive cavity searches (a TSA term, we didn’t make it up)? Having your passport invalidated by the IRS? Being put on a no-fly/no-gun buy/no work list because of your opinion?

The greatest occult secret is your ability to say “NO” to that which is wrong. Remember the story that saying “Get behind me, Satan” requires him to step aside? You have that much power, and they – all the Satans out there – have none UNLESS YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. Your power – and your sacred duty – is to say “NO” to that which is wrong.

  • A lone man faced Chinese tanks in Bejing’s Tienanmen Square by saying NO and the tanks stopped.
  • Nelson Mandela faced life in prison by saying NO and apartheid in South Africa stopped.
  • The French Revolutionaries faced the guillotine by saying NO and the oppression stopped.
  • Gandhi faced the British Empire by saying NO and the servitude of the Indian people stopped.
  • A woman from Atlanta, Georgia was told she had to go to a distant seminar for her job. She said NO. She told her employer that she would not agree to being groped nor irradiated in order to fly. They sent another employee in her place. Her co-workers asked why going through the TSA was a problem for her. She said, “Because it’s not a problem for you,” and then proceeded to educate them on what is going on around them.

What sets these people apart in history is not only that they said NO, but that they continued to say NO in the face of adversity – even under extreme persecution, some even unto the threat of death.

If we acquiesce to being controlled, if we give up our personal dignity to be a part of that which is indisputably a corrupt system, then are we not the reason for its existence? Don’t we hold some amount of responsibility for the tyranny and oppression by not exercising our sacred responsibility to say NO?

The next time you’re in line at the airport, realize a very sacred thing is about to happen. You will be given a choice. You can choose to continue in that line, inching closer to the scanner and the gropers who will decide if you are someone worthy to be allowed to fly, pushed forward by the masses at your back. Or you can choose not to give away your power; you can choose not to acquiesce to their control. You can say NO.

What genetic memory do you want to leave to your progeny? Will you evolve into someone who makes their own life choices without fear? Will you break the chain of fear and allow your DNA to repair itself for future generations?

Gandhi defeated the British Empire by saying NO. Say NO to the fear. The pain will stop when you stop hitting your head against the wall.

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Dan & Sheila are the authors of Surviving Survivalism – How to Avoid Survivalism Culture Shock, and hosts of the free podcast, Still Surviving with Dan & Sheila. For questions about space in their Intentional Survivalist Community or other survivalist issues, they can be reached at surviving@lavabit.com.

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