DRONE Webseries, Ep. 4/4: The Experiment Concludes

Nicholas West
Activist Post

This four-part webseries posted to YouTube HERE, began in part 1 as humanoid robot soldiers begin to redefine the landscape of the battlefield in 2023 … and one of them is on the run. In part 2, we caught a glimpse of the human programmer behind unit 237 and the commander who wonders how a robot can make the decision to run. Part 3 continued to explore the connection between the programmer and the robot that he has evidently worked to set free, which put him on a corrupt commander’s kill list.

Now as the series concludes in part 4, the central issue moves from who gives the orders and who is responsible for programming prime directives, to the revenge unit 237 exacts upon the commander who gave the illegal orders.

The DR0NE webseries did not examine many of the wider ethical considerations previously suspected, but rather turned out to be a very well-made, slick sci-fi short. However, the topic of machine warfare, particularly autonomous drones, has been introduced in a popular way, which hopefully attracts new readers to this information.

To combat the centralized control over future tech, we need to educate ourselves about the positive functions of technology that threaten the global elite — 3D printing, for example — which offers the potential to tip the balance of power back into the hands of local communities. Naturally, as with the Internet, the establishment is cracking down to maintain control. We must become informed and active faster than ever before.

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