4 Extremely Simple Ways to Destress Quickly

Elizabeth Renter
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Stress is a killer, literally. Not only does it kill your mood and your outlook, it can significantly suppress your immune system and help, ultimately paving way for a sooner death. Not only that, but stress is a contributor to heart disease and many other lifestyle diseases. Effectively managing stress is a learned practice, but anyone can learn of ways to destress anytime.

We’ve all seen those people who don’t seem to have any care in the world as the world crumbles around them. Those that can go through a hectic week without breaking a sweat. Those people are who we should all strive to model. Not only are they happier—but they should be healthier!

Here are some tips on how you can get started on your own stress-free longevity plan:

1. Ways to Destress – Breathe

Sounds simple enough, right? But many of us forget to breathe deeply. When you are tense, you take shorter and shallower breaths. But by taking a few minutes to inhale deeply and exhale fully, you release the tension you are holding in your chest and shoulders. Not only that, you are delivering some much-needed oxygen throughout your body – oxygen that can further help alleviate your stress levels.

This technique is often brushed away, but it is very important.

2. Take a Break

If you’re working on a specific project that is causing you to slowly lose your cool, walk away. Focusing on something else for a while can give you perspective. Sometimes we allow ourselves to be completely absorbed by something, and we ultimately begin putting way too many emotions into it. If something is stressing you out, do your best to forget about it for a while, and if it needs your attention, come back to it later with a clear head.

On a side note, if the project absolutely needs your attention until completion, try and relax and take a break from some less important obligation currently in your life.

3. Socialize

Humans are social animals; we depend on one another (even the most independent of us all). So despite wanting to hide away from the world when you are stressed, getting out and socializing could be a great stress-buster. Whether you call a friend or go out dancing, being in contact with other people can lighten your load. Be careful not to be a whiner here—if you need to “vent”, go ahead, but dwelling on the issues will only make your stress-levels worse. Additionally, surrounding yourself with positive, uplifting people will help the most.

4. Burn it Off

Possibly one of the most beneficial ways to destress, exercise is an amazing stress-buster. When you increase your heart rate, your body creates numerous feel good hormones such as dopamine. In fact, exercise, is one of the best things you can do to increase dopamine levels and feel good. Also, the increased oxygen to muscle tissues can reduce physical tension. Go for a quick run, a bike ride, or even a quick walk around the neighborhood.

The human body is designed to effectively manage physical and mental stress. When encountered with famines, wars, and disease, we prove to be a pretty resilient species. So, take good care of your body and it will take good care of you. For more ways to destress, check out our other article revealing how to destress with 8 extremely useful techniques.

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This article first appeared at Natural Society, an excellent resource for health news and vaccine information.

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