Migrating North Pole Contributing to Severe Weather?

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Few can argue that severe weather is currently impacting the globe. Certainly the record droughts in America have become a huge concern for food prices, which has subsequently sparked an uptick in alarming climate change rhetoric.

As the Northern Hemisphere has experienced one of the warmest summers on record, Arctic ice has receded considerably, prompting the typical global warming “collapse” discussion. While northern ice has indeed reached new modern lows, ice in the southern hemisphere continent of Antarctica has reached record highs. Charts for both hemispheres can be seen here.

So, clearly some kind of shift is happening, but perhaps the answer is not as simple as CO2 concentrations like the establishment would like us to believe. There seem to be much larger galactic-scale forces at play that are affecting not just Earth but all planets in the solar system. One of those forces appears to be Earth’s rapidly migrating magnetic North Pole, as can be seen in the video below.

This video does an excellent job of explaining how this anomaly may fit in to the bigger picture of our shifting climate vs. the limited human-centric, 200-year-long version that gets politicized:

With the Earth’s magnetic North Pole shifting by 40 miles per year, this event is already causing airports to adjust their runways. It is bound to change prevailing winds, ocean currents and many other factors involved in maintaining a stable and predictable climate.

What is your view of the information presented in this video? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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