Law Enforcement snooping on your Wi-Fi is now literally part of the training

James Smith, Contributor
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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will scan or grope your body at airports whether you like it or not. Cameras will scan your face and behavior in the streets. Your phone calls are being intercepted and fed into a major FBI database for threat analysis. And now the DHS’s Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) has requested something besides an ungodly amount of ammunition – The ability to locate and “read” the data or phone calls from your home.

(1) Agency and Contracting Activity. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), Procurement Division proposes to contract on a basis of other than full and open competition for geolocation surveillance equipment from SRT Wireless, Inc. This surveillance equipment is required in support of the Wi-Fi Exploitation and Location Training Program (WETP) at FLETC, Glynco, Georgia. 

(2) Nature and/or description of the action being approved. The purpose of the subject equipment is for use in Center Advanced training in the Technical Operations Division specifically in the WETP, and the lesson plans covering device geolocation and in various practical exercises and laboratory environments, at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Glynco, Georgia. This equipment is the only equipment that has the feature of minimization which allows agents to “turn off” surveillance equipment when required.

FLETC students are taught to arrest, confine, kill, sweep an area, and now stick their noses in our Internet.

The PDF does state that compliance with associated search warrants will be expected while using this equipment.

But, there is always more to the story! Read on.

The FLETC requested to purchase the equipment, using a Justification and Approval (J&A) notice, meaning that there is ONLY one source for this equipment that meets their needs. According to the J&A, the only other sources only sell to the Department of Defense.

But like the High-Explosive request, who runs the company is also subject to investigation. In the explosives story, the TSA was the requester, and the company that won the bid was a company started and run by a former head of a TSA branch.

And there is no difference here either.

SRT Wireless Inc. was founded by founded and led by Rick Lund.

And according to his biography:

Rick Lund has more than 35 years of experience in communications technical operations and continues to serve as a leading subject matter expert on the utilization of satellite and Wi-Fi technology for critical missions in business and government. His career began with local and state law enforcement agencies in Florida, both in management and in operational support of major criminal investigations 

Since then, he has served as a consultant and provider of cutting-edge hardware and services to numerous branches of the US Government, foreign governments, and the telecommunications industry, with experience in more than 30 countries. He launched SR Technologies in 1999. He has instructed at the Florida Organized Crime Institute; the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center; the National Technical Investigators Association National Conference; the Southeast Technical Investigators Association; the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy; the Illinois State Police Academy; and various US Government and military facilities around the world.

Because this is supposed to be the most open and transparent administration, the company will not provide any technical specifications without vetting. So the taxpayer will be buying a product without John Q Public oversight:

SRT Wireless, the commercial and law enforcement company within The SRT Group, helps federal, state and local law enforcers do their jobs better with investigative technologies that are faster, easier, smarter, and more affordable. In fact, SRT Wireless is the leading provider of Wi-Fi signal technology and training for law enforcement purposes, including access point and station discovery, surveillance, interception and targeting. 

Due to the sensitive nature of this business, we require that all visitors be registered before accessing further information.

This article first appeared at Prepper Podcast Radio Network.

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James is a father of four and grandfather to four. He and his wife of almost 30 years have been prepping since 2003. They live in a small town, with neighbors as close as 10 feet away and have raised chickens for 2 years covertly on less than 1/5 of an acre. He is a former corrections officer, insurance fraud investigator, and he served in the Navy for 6 years. He currently works for a corporation dealing with the disabled population and their benefits. He is the host of The Covert Prepper show and the Prepper Podcast Radio Network News, both heard on Blogtalk Radio.

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