Is Social Media Leading Us to a Hyper Revolution?

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It is a fact that the entire world desperately needs a revolution. The global managers know this, and have stated that they are frightened of the widespread political awakening
Global connectivity has definitely lent a hand — for the first time, websites and blogs issuing independent analysis and research can go head to head with the massive production budgets and funding received by corporate media. What was once the “mainstream media” should better be called the “propped up media” — on a level playing field of ideas they are losing fantastically
Social media has become the new mainstream media. As the video at the end of this article illustrates, the number of people involved is simply staggering. In much of the alternative media, we refer to the sharing of information as the infowar. And even Hillary Clinton has used that phrase … to announce that she and her globalist counterparts are not doing well in that war.

However, as David Icke has stated: “We must become street smart” if we are going to seal our victory and protect ourselves from government propaganda designed to lead us down a dead-end street.

The very same corporate entities and their globalist minions who have directed old-guard media have their sights set on the Internet. Not a day goes by now when we don’t hear of some new piece of legislation that threatens to return us to a Dark Age, where only a select few receive pure information, and the rest of the public are resigned to the dictates of those in the know.

So, we must remain skeptical thus far when we hear of social media starting revolutions (how is Egypt doing now after their moment in Liberation Square?). But the numbers and the power illustrated in this video are spot on, just as they were in the infographic illustrating the exponential power of the Internet.

As stated by the video creators:

You are a change agent whether you know it or not. Whether you want to be or not.

But, we cannot permit The Year of the Protester — proclaimed by Time Magazine — to once again become The Year of the Dupe. We need to be aware of the changes desired by people far more devious than ourselves, so that we can be proper agents of the change we wish to see in the world. 

From the video creators:

When Gil-Scott Heron wrote that “The revolution will not be televised” he was right. Instead, it will be youtubed, it will be statused, and it will be retweeted. Social networking sites reach more than 82% of the global population: 1.2 billion people. And governments are afraid. 

Today, a handful of users on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube can launch a movement that can topple a regime. Just look at Tunisia. Just look at Egypt. It can organize the frustration of middle class Americans from the impotent complaints of individuals into a spontaneous, passionate and primal force. A wave doesn’t demand concessions, but you have no choice but to acknowledge it when it crashes down on you. We are the 99 percent. 

And what are the results? New governments, an informed and politically active people, and validation. 

A little over a year ago, The United Nations declared Internet access a basic human right. You are a change agent whether you know it or not. Whether you want to be or not. Everyday you blithely browse your virtual network you participate in an engine of social transformation. Welcome to the Hyper Revolution.

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