Finland Preparing for End Of Euro, Deeply Suspicious Of EU’s ‘Gang Of Four’

Finland breaks stride with other nations claiming they aren’t even contemplating the end of Euro by telling the Telegraph it is only a matter of time.

Alexander Higgins, Contributor
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If you have been watching the financial headlines, the media is quoting more and more analysts and economists saying the ejection of Greece from the Euro-zone won’t be that big of a deal.

This of course comes after years of claims that such an event would not only be the beginning of the end for the single Euro currency, but would trigger a cataclysmic financial Armageddon as the fallout from Greece alone would amount to nearly 10 trillion in lost GDP upon the core and the peripheries.

Now we are being prepared for the event; and since it isn’t such a big deal, we can only assume those reports were nothing more than lies to push harsh austerity measures on the masses in order to fund banskter bailouts with insanely high interest rates.

As we are now even getting a timeframe for the first domino to fall – an ejection of Greece – being projected to happen as early as September – quoted live right now on Bloomberg’s ticker – we are also being prepped for the final domino in the chain that will fall: the dissolution of the single European currency.

As the governments across Europe have secretly been planning for the dissolution of the Euro publicly, all have maintained lockstep public policy of not even acknowledging the scenario, instead lying to the public with outlandish claims that the ‘Euro is irreversible’.

Nations rise and fall, and so do their currencies, so clearly any fool can see how outlandish such claims are.

Keeping with that mentality, Finland’s foreign minister apparently doesn’t want to end up being part of YouTube compilations in the near future in which people will say look at those bastards lying through their teeth the whole way (much like we see looking back at Bush with Iraq, the unfolding Libor Scandal, Greenspan with the mortgage crisis, and so forth).

As Zero Hedge reports, these are the first cracks in Europe’s Nash equilibrium as FM Toumioja even goes as far as saying he is deeply suspicious of the ‘gang of four.’

While not advocating the break-up of the Euro-zone, Finland’s foreign minister Erkki Tuomioja told the Daily Telegraph this evening that ‘it is only a matter of time’. In a somewhat stunning show of truthiness, perhaps the first cracks in Europe’s Nash Equilibrium are starting to show through following Monti’s ‘threats’, Draghi’s ‘promises’, and Merkel’s ‘well, nothings’. The Finn continues, via Reuters, ‘Either the south or the north will break away because this currency strait-jacket is causing misery for millions and destroying Europe’s future.’ 

Finland, which has a veto that could be used to block any new bailout measures, has already stirred the pot unilaterally by demanding collateral from Greece and Spain, and is quite clear in its view that Europe ‘is a total catastrophe,’ but adds that no one wants to be first to get out of the Euro and take all the blame. 

Insisting that the break-up of the Euro does not mean the end of the European Union, Tuomioja believes ‘it could make the EU function better,’ but comments that he is deeply suspicious of the ‘gang of four’ – which includes Draghi – with regard to his promises (especially ESM seniority), adding that he ‘does not trust these people.’ Source: Zero Hedge

Now that we have had the first major EU government official jump ship from titanic lie that has been perpetuated for all too long, we will either see more rats follow him; or see him get assassinated by the gang (politically I assume), as a clear message to others not to even think about it.

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