Swine Flu or Bird Flu: Either Way We’re Having a Pandemic

Susanne Posel, Contributor
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The British Journal Lancet Infectious Diseases published a study claiming that the swine flu has killed an estimated 579,000; fifteen times higher than laboratory tests had previously confirmed.

The World Health Organization (WHO) had originally supposed only 18,500. At the time, WHO claimed that this number was a gross underestimate. They said that undocumented deaths in Africa and Southeast Asia could raise the number, but by how much they were not sure.

Fatimah Dawood, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and lead researcher of the study said:

This pandemic really did take an enormous toll. Our results also suggest how best to deploy resources. If a vaccine were to become available, we need to make sure it reached the areas where the death toll is likely to be highest.

The H1N1 virus, a.k.a. swine flu, was first detected in Mexico in 2009. It later migrated to California and quickly spread worldwide.

At the time, the CDC discouraged travel between Mexico and the US.

The swine flu contains a mixture of bird, swine and human flu viruses; which is not indicative of a natural occurrence. While researchers were trying to figure out how this combination came to be, WHO was declaring swine flu a pandemic because in 2009 more than 74 countries had reported its presence through laboratory results.

Dawood blames the lack of proactive detection of the virus, as well as “some people who contract flu do not have access to health care” for deaths that go unreported.

Epidemiologists rely on computer models to produce statistical data on the number of deaths that could be accounted for by analyzing pneumonia and cardiovascular disease deaths which are directly correlated to influenza. Dawood admits that “vital statistics data are nonexistent or sparse in many lower-resource countries” prove these estimations are not encompassing and are, at best, assumptions.

Dawood, working with scientists from Vietnam, Kenya, New Zealand, Denmark and other countries, took reported cases from healthcare workers and went door to door in rural villages inquiring about incidences of the flu and obtaining nasal and throat swabs from villagers. The scientists then estimated how many villagers in those countries had died from the flu.

By combining these assumptions from underdeveloped nations with medical data obtained from developed countries, they created the estimates they have today.

Lone Simonsen of George Washington University’s School of Public Health and co-author of the study, who collected estimated data from Japan and Singapore, admits that there are errors in their data due to statistical assumptions. Yet, Simonsen concludes that assumptions are just as good as empirical scientific research because they allotted for the over and under estimations and took the average between the two to report in their study.

Scientists are also decrying the real possibility of another bird flu pandemiclooming overhead. In another study, researchers have identified 5 genetic changes that allow the virus to mutate. They also claim that swine flu could only have occurred in nature.

The study was conducted by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) which is a global organization affiliated with various academia. Their US headquarters are located in Washington D.C.; with other offices in Cambridge, UK. The AAAS works to create and influence:

  • Science and policy
  • International activities
  • Education and human resources
  • Project 2061

Their specific goals are:

  • Controlling scientific data through communication within scientific communities
  • Use propaganda to assert their vision for scientific research
  • Influence societal issues
  • Create and control scientific education
  • Facilitate international influence in scientific circles

The AAAS Project 2061 is a long-term initiative to influence science education in public schools with the assistance of the US government. Through workshops, they encourage use of their pre-prepared educational tools and programs that are then translated into school curricula.

Aspects of this study were supposed to be blocked from publication by the US government. However they were unsuccessful. Those aspects pertained to the airborne transmission of the bird flu virus.

Ron Fouchier, professor from the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands and leader of the study said: 

We hope to learn which viruses can cause pandemics and by knowing that we might be able to prevent them by enforcing strict eradication programs.

Fouchier believes his work will expedite the production of vaccines because he feels that he has concluded without a doubt that H5N1 is airborne.

Just like H1N1, bird flu has genetically mutated. Researchers have located those mutations and theorize that genetic engineering must be responsible for its strange transmission between animals and humans.

Scientists from Cambridge University agreed that the genetic structure of bird flu is not a natural occurrence because of its combination of several difference viruses.

Derek Smith, lead researcher from Cambridge University, asserts that more analysis is needed before clear indications can be made about the evolution of the bird flu. They are not assured that an airborne version of H5N1 has been discovered and do not want to cause a public panic.

However, Smith is aware that public health officials are conceiving of a contingency plan.

The US National Security Advisory Board for Biotechnology (NSABB), wanted to combine Fouchier’s study with correlating research from Yoshihiro Kawaoka, while demanding that certain “sensitive parts” of these studies be suppressed.

The scientific community has been coming to the conclusion that both the swine and bird flu are not naturally occurring and have evidence of genetic engineering. Simultaneously, the US government has been unsuccessfully attempting to suppress their findings by playing the terrorist card.

Now WHO is bringing the pandemic fear-mongering back to life with the obvious intention to coerce the world’s population into having immunizations as a preventative measure.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page.

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