Romney threatens war-murder on Iran, repeats Obama/Bush ‘wipe off the map’ lie

Carl Herman, Contributor
Activist Post

The Telegraph’s 2-minute video below shows Mr. Romney claiming Iran’s leaders would “wipe Israel off the map.” Mr. Romney’s senior national security advisor stated that Mr. Romney would “respect” Israel if they initiate armed attack on Iran for alleged “malevolent nuclear intentions.”

President Obama last threatened to war-murder Iranians with British PM Cameron in March. Their press conference included multiple and additional demonizations of Iran’s government.

Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are repeating a known lie about Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s 2005 speech that anyone can verify by reading the speech. To lie that a national president threatens the existence of another nation is the most egregious lie imaginable.

In the speech section in question, Ahmadinejad said people once thought it was impossible to remove the Shah as Iran’s dictator, but it was done. He then said that people thought the Soviet government and Saddam’s government would never fall. He then quoted a religious leader’s words from speeches he gave encouraging Iran’s persistence to oppose the Shah’s occupying regime. The speech’s crystal-clear content and context is to encourage people to persist for justice from Israel’s government because they act as an occupying regime against Palestine.

US corporate media lie in omission of this known fact that the content of the speech shows zero threat to Israel, and lie in commission to “report” that Iran somehow threatens Israel.

Mr. Romney, Mr. Obama, and corporate media lie in omission that all inspections find Iran’s treaty-guaranteed programs for legal nuclear energy and medical isotopes fully accountable. They link the lie of “wiping off the map” with the lie of a “nuclear program” in criminal attempt to expand current wars onto Iran.

These two US “leaders” and corporate media make additional and numerous demonizations of Iran that are Orwellian opposite of the facts that:

The US waged unlawful war on Iran for 35 consecutive years with the overthrow of their democracy in 1953, and then supporting Iraq’s War of Aggression from 1980-1988 that war-murdered ~ one million Iranians.

US corporate media lie in omission that US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are in direct violation of war law and UN Security Council Resolutions, and that all “reasons” for those wars are disclosed by US government agency reports as known lies as they were told.

This is immediate and vital history when considering the same actors’ rhetoric with a new war target.

These 1% political/corporate media lies are typical for US Wars of Aggression going back to stealing half of Mexico in 1846 (Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes then and now (6-part series) and the shorter US war history in 2 minutes: arrest US War Criminals to stop war on Iran).

Because analogies help bridge understanding when based on the facts:

Analogy: US wars on Iraq, Iran as US criminal gangster “business”,
an analogy if the US were the victim of empire,
analogy of Star Wars as a false flag attack story.

Carl Herman is a National Board Certified Teacher in economics, government, and history. His conclusions are explained and documented in these two articles (academic/professional voice, and more passionate citizen voice): Open proposal for US revolution: end unlawful wars, parasitic economics Common Sense for new American Revolution: revolt from US government by dicts He can be reached at

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