Presidential Horserace is a Two-Party Con Job

PA Farruggio
Activist Post

I was literally born into the world of thoroughbred horseracing. My father, a NYC longshoreman, worked as a part-time bookie on the docks. My maternal grandfather, another longshoreman, was his best customer. I would go with my dad on weekends to the racetrack, ever since the age of five. I was able to read the Morning Telegraph, forerunner to today’s Daily Racing Form, by the age of seven. If anyone knows racing it is yours truly.

When most Americans think of horseracing, they think of the preeminent race of all, the Kentucky Derby. Sorry folks, but there is one race that is even bigger and more celebrated than that one. We call it the Presidential Horserace. Funny how each time the pundits always say how “This is the most important election (race) in recent history!” To us who know better, it’s just another horserace.

Once again the money is flowing out of the pockets of the super rich for both of our two-party con job. In 2008, Mr. Hope and Change did better than ‘I don’t approve of torture but I approve of bombing Iran ‘McCain (remember his song ‘Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran’? ).

In 2008 Obama received over $21 million from the health care industry to McCain’s $7+ million. And progressives out there thought that Obamacare would include the option to buy into our Medicare system? Come on, get real!

This year’s horserace looks like Mr. Brylcream Romney will outdo Barack in the money raised area. What does it matter? The sad reality is all you suckers out there who call yourselves progressives or lefties will send money to the Democratic Party foxes to help keep the Republican wolves at bay.

As journalist Larry Pinkney says: “You have the choice of death by electric chair or death by lethal injection. Either way you wind up dead!”

Today it was announced that the National Organization for Women endorsed President Obama, saying ‘We are proud to stand behind a president who unquestionably represents the path forward to achieve equality for women.’

I guess our friends at NOW are discounting the multitude of women who are dead or maimed for life by the bombing raids that Mr. Obama authorized in Libya, Afghanistan and Pakistan. No more Junior Bush to hang that dirty hat on. He did his evil deeds and now Barack follows the script.

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Or how about the fact that Mr. Obama, just like all his recent predecessors, continues to allow more and more of our tax dollars to go for military spending (56 cents out of each dollar sent to Uncle Sam last year).

Meanwhile, that money could be going to our states and cities and funneled down to help real low- and middle-income working women to make their lives easier… especially as moms. If even 25% of that outrageous sum of $563 billion last year was returned to our localities, imagine how much more money could be found for daycare, healthcare and better job training … for women!

New Jersey activist, Ed Dunphy, holds his sign each time he demonstrates outside the state capitol: Bush=Obama=Bush. That kind of says it all, yes?

I loathe the right wing of our great nation. I loathe Mitt Romney and the multitude of phony Republican ideologues, politicos, business mega millionaires and of course the hypocrites who call themselves followers of Jesus. They wave the flag and demand that more guns and ammos be fired, so long as their asses and those of their kids are not on the line. They rant and rave about big government and then fight to feed at the public trough for war related contracts and bailouts for their thievery.

Where were Romney’s sons during the first or second invasions of Iraq? They were of age to serve. Did he encourage them to ‘fight the good fight’? Just like with Junior Bush, Romney made sure that other kids and not his own did the invading, occupying, killing and dying in the desert heat.

So, I have no interest in the Republicans gaining power at all. The point here is that, on key issues of our time, it really does not matter who wins the horserace. Either way, as Larry Pinkney states, we are all done for.

When the day comes that most of my fellow Americans realize that they have been hypnotized, mesmerized and bamboozled by this two-party scam, they will gather on the street corners and public arena and stand up for real change on real issues that affect their lives and the life of our great nation.

Sadly, you won’t hear any discussion or debate on what really matters for we working stiffs via the mainstream media. No, all you will hear and see are the diversions and soap opera stories that have usually appeared in the base magazines on supermarket checkout lines. Alas, that is what happens when truth is hijacked and withheld by the powerful.

Philip A Farruggio is son and grandson of Brooklyn, NYC longshoremen. He is a free lance columnist (found on Information Clearing house, Dandelion Salad, Activist Post, Dissident Voice and Smirking Chimp sites), an environmental products sales rep and an activist. Since 2010, Philip is a spokesperson for the 25% Solution Movement to Save Our Cities by cutting military spending 25%. Philip can be reached at [email protected] 

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