The Face of Fracking Victims (Moving and Powerful Video)

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Very often when we in the alternative media cover events, we speak in the abstract of the horrors against “humanity.”  It is more rare, however, that we are able to focus on individual human beings and their personal horrors from being subjected to the fallout of non-human institutions like banks, corporations and bureaucratic government institutions.

We are given insight into real human suffering when we hear the stories of those who wind up beaten and tortured at the hands of a police state war culture gone wild; those who fall victim to a Ponzi-scheme economy; those suffering with vaccine injuries, and other harsh realities. Perhaps worst of all are those who are deemed to be nothing more than a cost of doing business, as we saw with the BP Gulf Oil Disaster. It is then that health, wealth, and even hope fall prey simultaneously.

Fracking is one such environmental evil that is falling hard upon select communities in places across America. The following video is powerful in that it is not a technical overview of what fracking is, not an analysis of the damage it potentially causes, nor is it political. It is simply a few human stories of people who desperately want their voices heard, and are having it fall on deaf ears among those whose duty it is to protect them.

This film is shared courtesy of Nature Abounds’ friend, Rich Waters, a local photographer and videographer who is documenting how fracking is changing the lives of his neighbors in Southwest Pennsylvania.

It is activism at its most poignant.

The following links provide a solid background for those who might be unfamiliar with the fracking process and the myriad issues being raised by independent researchers.

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