The Classic Cowboy is Now Brazilian

Doc Medina, Contributor
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Picture a sizzling steak, or hamburgers on a grill during an all-American summer. Perhaps while enjoying leftover fireworks from Fourth of July. Let’s overlook the fact that most of the Fourth of July decorations and fireworks were actually made in China. These are minor details when celebrating the independence of a nation. Besides, you have steaks on the grill and beers in the cooler, right?

Between burgers and steaks one might consider the classic iconography of the American who worked on the range for all to enjoy that sizzling beef. The picture of a Texas cowboy or businessman comes to mind. He may have a hundred heads of cattle grazing in a field while making deals for his oil operation in the Gulf.

If this is where you think that beef came from – you’re in for a rude awakening.

Petrobras now drills freely the deep waters of the United States, while American companies are prohibited from doing the same. Cattle, like oil, is now the business of foreign investors. Chances are those all American cuts of beef on your grill were mass produced by Five Rivers and JBS, a Brazilian-owned company, which is the largest meat producer in the world. JBS has also been targeted by its home nation for illegal deforestation and use of slave labor.

I personally have seen three of the Five Rivers locations in the United States, although at the time I had no clue as to who JBS Five Rivers was. The mere sight of these “farms” is enough to make the most devout meat lover consider passing on the beef. Driving past two of these mega facilities (OK & KS) one can observe overcrowded pens full of sickly looking cattle waiting to become food. This explains why so much beef is pumped full of antibiotics just to make it “safe” for human consumption. The previous statement is only based on the comparison between hometown farms I visited as a child, and the JBS mega farms.

While researching the Arizona Rail Plan (PDF) and Agenda 21, I came across a JBS facility in Arizona. McElhaney Farms in Wellton Arizona – American owned since 1940 – became a subsidiary of JBS Five Rivers in 2010. According to the local county assessor’s site, the farm sold for $24,522,670 in September 2010. However, the same site shows “No Tax Values” for 2011-2012 and only “estimated” to contribute $10,438.68 to the county in 2013.

In this case, the rural roads surrounding McElhaney are not maintained due to a lack of funds from the county. Not maintained to the extent of being dangerous, as was the case for a local school bus driver recently. The youths in the area are also impacted by the lack of funding for local libraries, which are only open for a few hours and recreational activities.

My beef (pun intended) with this is simply that a foreign mega company would contribute nothing to the local area, besides jobs that were already there before they came in. Am I player hating on businesses getting tax breaks? Not at all. I have no problem with small American companies getting tax breaks to promote a healthy economy. Then again, this not a small American company.

Two more causes for concern are: the health of the cattle, and the GMO connection between this foreign operation and ConAgra cattle feed. The following is an excerpt from the online resume of a Veterinary Technician previously employed at JBS Five Rivers Cattle Feeding:

Duties include but not limited to:  

  • Diagnosing sick cattle 
  • Treating sick cattle (Giving shots, sewing prolapses, Lancing boils, etc.) 
  • Calving 
  • Running laptop computer 
  • Post Mortem diagnosis 
  • Ordering drugs 
  • Checking in drugs 
  • Keeping accurate records on sick animals

The reader can trace the lineage from ConAgra to JBS Five Rivers here (Source). It is quite possible that your T-Bone steak had to be pumped full of antibiotics while consuming GMO feed. This is all part of globalization while the technocracy adds another weapon to the soft-kill of Americans.

Previously, I’ve written about Foreign Trade Zones which give foreign companies up to an 80% tax advantage over American companies. There is not much difference between foreign companies, which come to the U.S. to acquire wealth, and illegal immigrants who work here to send dollars to their country of origin. Except, in the cases of legal immigrants they at least pay the same taxes as the rest of us.

Is it any wonder American companies are failing and our economy is circling the drain? Our nation is being hollowed out by Foreign Investors. Yet, some still directly equate foreign investment to job creation and economic stability.

America now has:

  • Foreign banks controlling our money.
  • Foreign Farmers controlling our food supply.
  • Foreign investors buying our land.

How long before foreign troops control our people?

My suggestions:

  • Support American-owned businesses . . . especially farms. 
  • Elect representatives who are aware of these issues and will not just “Go along to Get along”.
  • Speak out on these issues locally. 
  • Lastly, in case of foreign troops…. Be Prepared.

Doc Medina is a former ARMY combat medic with a love for liberty. This article first appeared HERE on his blog The Soapbox.

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