A Crash Course on the Internet Piracy Debate: Infographic

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Lawmakers continue to push for strict Internet control legislation at the behest of establishment mega-media. Congressmen such as Lamar Smith have even gone as far as to propose government IP Czars to supplant the wave of private copyright trolls filing frivolous lawsuits.

Despite the government’s history of failed attempts to control the Internet, the legal battle for control over the Internet rages on.

The infographic below does an exemplary job at pointing out the major economic fallacies and realities surrounding Hollywood’s piracy fear mongering. Just one example of this shows that the Recording Industry Association of America has sued a staggering 12,000+ people for an average of $150,000 per song – and music sales have still increased for the first time since 2004.

The future of information sharing is on the line, and it is important that the facts are made clear.

While the livelihood of artists should be a central issue, there is much to suggest that artists have more tools than ever to express themselves in more creative ways, and to earn a living in novel ways that are still yet being conceived.  Is it worth throwing away the entire free-flow of information that the Internet has come to represent strictly to bring pirates under control? We welcome your thoughts in the comment section under the infographic posted below.

A Crash Course in Piracy

Music, Movies, Programs & Piracy

Infographic submitted by: http://www.onlinegraduateprograms.com

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