The Revolution is NOT About Ron Paul

Milo Nickels, Contributor
Activist Post

Like many of you, I sat in disbelief as I watched Rand Paul publicly endorse a gun-grabbing, healthcare-socializing, flip-flopping, border-opening, war-mongering, banker-controlled statist puppet.

I immediately felt like I’d been simultaneously kicked in the gut, stabbed in the back, and sold down the river. Yes, the endorsement made me angry. The realization that Ron Paul, himself, must have given his blessing to the endorsement made me feel ill.

I scoured the Internet looking for answers to some burning questions. Why did Rand Paul endorse Romney? Have they made some shady backroom deal? Was Ron Paul in on it? Had I been played for a fool? Have I been wrong all along?

Although I haven’t found the answers to those specific questions, I’ve found something far more valuable. I’ve found that the liberty movement is still going strong.

I am not alone and neither are you. The blogosphere is ablaze with negative talk of Rand Paul and Ron Paul, calling them sell-outs, traitors, and con-men. And, like it or not, this is a very good thing.

At first, I’ll admit, it broke my heart to see widespread negativity about the Pauls who I had come to view as champions of liberty. But I’ve gained a new perspective. As far as champions of liberty go, the champions aren’t nearly as important as the liberty!

Where I may have lost some respect for the Pauls, I’ve gained immeasurable respect for everyone in the liberty movement. We are not anti-war protesters who stayed home when Obama expanded the wars. We are not advocates of small government who turned a blind eye to Bush’s PATRIOT Act. No. We refuse to partake in the hypocrisy and flip-flopping of the two-party system where we follow our leaders like sheep. We are consistent even when our representatives are not. Our beliefs do not shift, or bend, or change depending on the political climate. We do not place the messenger above the message.

Yes, we may feel betrayed, but we must never forget the lessons we’ve learned from Ron Paul about individual liberty, personal responsibility, sound money, cooperation, property rights, charity, and voluntarism. We don’t believe in these concepts because Ron Paul believes in them, but because they are true. Ron Paul will always be a hero in the freedom movement for shining a light on these issues.

So I don’t care if Rand Paul endorses Mitt Romney. I will continue to endorse liberty. I don’t care if Ron Paul concedes defeat. I will continue fighting for victory.

The Ron Paul revolution is NOT about Ron Paul. The revolution is about liberty. Ron Paul is only one man. You are the revolution.

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Milo Nickels began blogging and cartooning about politics in the year 2000. After achieving some notoriety at that time, Milo took a break. Now, Milo has launched a new website, Five Cent Revolution where he continues to write about political issues. In particular, Milo focuses on constitutionalism, critiques of modern liberalism and progressivism, and defends individual liberty above all else. Milo wants the government out of our wallets, out of our business, and out of our lives to the greatest extent possible.

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