Propagandists Sell ‘Vigilante’ Solution for Syria

Bypassing the UN to “end violence” of its own creation, West plumbs new depths of own depravity. 
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Tony Cartalucci, Contributor
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Ned Dobos of Australia’s University of New South Wales, Canberra has given a presentation, served up in the form of an op-ed in the Sydney Morning Herald titled, “Syria needs a vigilante to save its people,” that can only be described as a new benchmark in Western duplicity.

Cued up by the forces of Western imperialism, Dobos plugs in every keyword and talking point flowing through the halls of the very corporate-funded think tanks that have engineered the blood-soaked destabilization in Syria in the first place.

Sidestepping entirely the history of the current conflict, both in Syria, and in a broader regional context, as well as inconvenient facts regarding the driving factors behind the violence Dobos seeks to end with his proposal, he maintains that there is a “moral imperative” for nations to act outside of the “paralyzed” United Nations.

Dobos conducts a rambling pedantic philosophical defense of what is essentially a unilateral act of war built on patently false pretenses, as NATO has already done in Libya, and as the US has done in Iraq and Afghanistan at the cost of millions of innocent lives.

Dobos concludes by stating:

Champions of the UN often fail to see or acknowledge that the obligations of a state’s international commitments are equally prima facie, and that in some cases a perfectly good justification for their transgression will be available. 

Syria is one of those cases. The global body entrusted with the task of preventing human rights abuses is, once again, paralysed by politics. For any state that is able and willing to act unilaterally, the imperative to defend people against murder, torture and rape trumps fidelity to international covenant. A vigilante that defends the innocent when the police can’t or won’t is not a villain, he is a hero. – “Syria needs a vigilante to save its people” Ned Dobos, SMH.The Truth Drowns Western & Dobos’ Flights of R2P Fancy 

Unfortunately for Dobos and his ivory tower academia, the truth about the violence in Syria not only mires his proposal in the unpleasantries of reality, it drowns it. The “murder, torture, and rape” Dobos claims unilateral military intervention will stop, was in fact premeditated, planned, staged, funded, and the forces carrying it out entirely armed by the West in an effort not for “preventing human rights abuses,” but to admittedly overthrow the government of Syria and install a compliant, pro-Western client regime, as the West has done in Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and is attempting to do elsewhere from Northern Africa to Southeast Asia and beyond.

Since the early 1990s, US Army General Wesley Clark was aware of a plan drawn up by

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