Euro Elite: Using Financial Crisis To Centralize Power

Brit Dee, Contributor
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The European elite are predictably planning to exploit the ongoing collapse of the Euro to further centralize power.

With Greece and other countries on the brink, some may have thought the European dream to be crumbling – and even dared hope for greater national sovereignty and the kicking out of corrupt financial institutions and their fraudulent debts.

Unfortunately, such dreams will quickly turn nightmarish if the plans are successful.

The EU elite are currently preparing to pool

vast national debt and banking liabilities…in return for eurozone governments surrendering sovereignty over their budgets and fiscal policies to a central eurozone authority.

Such plans represent an ambitious attempt to socialise national debts and further consolidate EU power; and have been drawn up by the European council president, the commission chief, the president of the European Central Bank and the head of the eurogroup of 17 finance ministers. They will be presented to an EU summit at the end of the month.

As the most powerful economy in Europe, Germany would control the pursestrings of such a European-wide banking union – leading billionaire elite leftist George Soros to describe:

a Eurozone dominated by Germany…permanently depressed areas in need of constant transfer of payments …it would be a German empire with the periphery as the hinterland.

Welcome to the EUSSR!

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