Bees Kill As Many As Terrorists: UK Watchdog

As dangerous as bees

Brit Dee, Contributor
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In a dystopic world of constant propaganda, it makes a refreshing change when a member of the establishment draws attention to the absurdity of the vastly overexaggerated threat from terrorism.

David Anderson QC, a barrister and the Independent Reviewer of Terrorism Legislation, has done just that by pointing out as many people are killed each year in the UK by hornets, wasps and bees, as they are by terrorists.

The average number of deaths annually from terrorism in the UK this century has been a miniscule five – the same number as those who die of bee stings each year.

In a report published Wednesday Anderson said that in the 21st century terrorism had been “an insignificant cause of mortality in the United Kingdom” – whilst in 2010 alone in England and Wales, 29 people had drowned in the bath.

Mr. Anderson further undermined the government’s fearmongering rhetoric by noting that no one had even been injured by a terrorist in the UK for more than two years, since pro-Iraq war MP Stephen Timms was stabbed by Muslim radical Roshonara Choudhry, and that there hadn’t been a successful Al-Qaeda attack anywhere in Europe throughout 2011.

By March 2011 arrests for terrorism had fallen to 141, the lowest level since 9/11, and there’d been only one serious terror conviction in a UK court, Anderson said. He also gave voice to the obvious, which is that the government’s perpetual fearmongering about terrorism is sometimes “exaggerated for political or commercial purposes”, and that they could relax some anti-terror laws without endangering public safety.

Anderson’s more rational assessment contrasts sharply with the outrageously fearmongering speech given earlier in the week by MI5 head Jonathan Evans. In the speech, Evans claimed that the ‘Arab Spring’ had provided a new breeding ground for British terrorists, alluded to the possibility of Iranian state-sponsored terror and the prospect of a dirty bomb attack, and said that if the Eurozone collapsed we could well see more Anders Breivik-style ‘lone wolf’ terrorists.

Evans’ warnings were revealed to be practically useless – beyond perpetuating fear, which can be exploited by the elite – when he admitted that there was “no such thing as guaranteed security” for the upcoming Olympics and that the “dog you haven’t seen may turn out to be the one that bites you”.

It seems that in reality it’s the wasp that stings you that is statistically as likely as a terrorist to kill you.

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