Panetta: Climate Change is Compromising National Security

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta is asserting that climate change is having a drastic effect on national security.

At the Environmental Defense Fund, Panetta lamented the need for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, as well as the toll that global warming is having on the US national security.

The Defense Department is now championing the advance of clean energy initiatives.

‘The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security,’ Panetta said. ‘Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief.

Panetta claims that the rise sea levels because of the glaciers melting is cause to have the Senate ratify the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea . This international agreement defines the rights of nations to use the world’s oceans, establish governances over corporations, the environment and management of all marine resources. The UN’s Secretary General receives right to ratification and accession while the UN claims no direct operational role in the implementation of the ratified agreements.

The International Maritime Organization , the International Whaling Commission and the International Seabed Authority , although established by the UN, are the parts of direct operation that the UN outwardly endorse.

Panetta knows that the convention will guarantee the US military special considerations because of their ties to the UN.

In January, Obama placed the Defense Department and the Pentagon in direct line of practice for strategies for alternative energy.

• Biofuels use in the Navy and Air Force
• Rechargeable batteries in combat areas for marine Corps
• Solar panels in combat outposts

Panetta says that biofuel investments supersede the purchase of oil because of the costs per barrel.

While the DOD is concerned about rising costs, they are also spending more than $1 billion dollars in investments for “developing technologies”.

The claim by Panetta that climate change, with regard to the glaciers melting, is affecting national security is an unscientific assessment.

After spending more than a decade observing the glaciers in Greenland, scientists have concluded that they are not melting with the veracity that climate change alarmists would have us believe. Satellite images show the Karakoram glaciers are growing in size.

The proof of the real agenda is when Panetta mentioned the need to return to the United Nations Convention on Law of the Sea. This agreement has less to do with climate change and national security, and more to do with assisting the UN in achieving their goal of global governance.

While science and real-world data are contradicting Panetta’s reasoning, we are still bombarded with these statements intended to fear-monger.

While Obama is promoting his National Bioeconomy Blueprint , which states that bio-engineering is the future of food, clothing, medicine and consumer markets in the US, there is no mention of the impact genetically engineered organisms (GMO) has on the ecosystem and the planet as a whole.

Rather, to scare the population into supporting erroneous “facts” for the sake of maintaining national stability, there is a clear and present movement toward the diametric opposite in the name of global governance.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page .

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