Not in My Backyard: Neocons Worried About Drones?

Nicholas West
Activist Post

After Congress decided to formerly welcome drones to America, the FAA has announced that it will begin to integrate drones into American skies. Corporate media is finally beginning to address the unprecedented dangers of bringing drone tech into America.

In the first video, arch Neocon Charles Krauthammer espouses decidedly Libertarian concerns.  He even invokes the Founding Fathers’ warning about having standing armies on American soil. Compare his comments with those of a constitutionalist like Judge Andrew Napolitano in the second video. The two make a point of agreeing that the first American who shoots a drone out of the sky will become a hero. We know that DHS has turned its focus from Al Qaeda to homegrown extremists, and would probably relish such an act of “domestic terror.” Is this a clever way for Neocons to incite a situation where the wider use of drones would become acceptable under an Executive Order issued during a “time of rebellion” as Napolitano alludes to?  Or is this genuine concern that their militarism is spiraling out of control?  Or something else entirely? Please leave your comments below.

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