Modern Swine Flu Scare is the Second Attempt to Vaccinate Every American

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

In 1976 there was a nationwide panic over a suspicious strain of flu. It prompted a mass vaccination within the US. It was the swine flu outbreak.

A curious strain of H5N1 appeared out of nowhere. During January 19th to February 9th was the only time period when infections were detected. Only one death and 13 were hospitalized from the new strain in H5N1.

Yet, because of the mass vaccinations, 500 cases of Guilian–Barre syndrome (GBS) spread throughout the population causing 25 deaths.

GBS is a neuromuscular disorder that only derived from those who were administered the swine flu vaccine. It is a direct effect of the compounds contained in the vaccine. Other versions of the flu vaccine have not been associated with GBS, leaving evidence that this specific vaccine was the causation of the disease. The CDC confirms this fact through studies of the influenza vaccine.

The deaths associated with GBS as a direct result of the swine flu vaccine were caused by an immunopathological reaction to the chemicals that made up the vaccine.

Harvey Fineberg and Chiard Neustadt researched the swine flu outbreak and chronicled the debacle in their book, The Swine Flu Affair. Fineberg and Neustadt concluded that the risk of developing GBS is 11 times greater after having been given the swine flu vaccine.

In some patients, a protein in the vaccine apparently caused inflammation in the nerve cells, and their bodies’ immune systems overreacted, damaging their spinal cords, said Dr. David Baumgartner, vice president in charge of medical affairs at Saint Mary’s Health Care.

The swine flu outbreak of 1976 originated at Fort Dix in New Jersey. Soldiers began to complain of flu-like symptoms. While one private came to the base hospital feeling weak, by the end of the day several soldiers were admitted into the hospital. Private David Lewis was the first casualty of the yet unknown “respiratory illness”.

Two weeks after those suffering from swine flu were first detected, public health officials declared that action must be taken; decrying a pandemic was at hand.

This fear struck deep into the general population’s psyche and fueled the fire that became a nationwide effort to vaccinate every American citizen. President Gerald Ford mandated that all Americans be vaccinated for sake of public health.

To convince everyone to submit to the vaccines, Ford publicly agreed to be vaccinated for the cause. Ford wanted to convince the American public that the vaccine was safe after reports of GBS had appeared in the media.

“This virus is very similar to 1918,” Ford warned . “Unless we take action [it] could be an epidemic. No one knows how serious this threat is. Nevertheless, we cannot afford to take a chance with the health of our nation.”

This endorsement from the President led to Americans waiting in long lines to be vaccinated.

Costing the taxpayers $135 million, the vaccination program was uncoordinated and clumsy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) distributed more than 40 million vaccines to Americans between October and December of 1976.

The US government suspended the vaccine program on December 16th after 54 cases of GBS surfaced across 10 states. By this time, 24% of the population had been vaccinated. That amounts to one in four children.

The panic that began at Fort Dix with military service men had spread across the US to cause such a scare as never seen before, yet reminiscent of the 1918 flu pandemic.

The Hegelian Dialectic played itself out during the swine flu outbreak in 1976.

Problem – A strange new flu strain called “swine flu” suddenly appeared at a military base and quickly spread through the country.

Reaction – The American public began to panic and look to public health officials to save them from the swine flu.

Solution – The US government in conjunction with political officials planned to and carried out a mass vaccination program that nearly succeeded in administering vaccines to every American citizen.

President Gerald Ford gave pharmaceutical corporations that manufactured the swine flu vaccine indemnity against legal repercussions from vaccine victims. Ford forced Congress to pass legislation protecting the drug makers from their “faulty and haphazard” vaccine creation that led to 500 cases of GBS and 25 deaths before the vaccine program was stopped.

If it had been allowed to continue, how many more deaths and sufferers of GBS would have surfaced because of the dangerous compounds within the vaccine?

The effectiveness of a pandemic is created in the fear-mongering and the result from that effort. If the public reacts as expected, the next step is put into place.

While health officials did not know enough about the swine flu to answer deeper questions by the American public, the shift of perspective was directed to the vaccine and the immediacy of its administration.

Officials should be prepared for plenty of second-guessing, especially for any decisions regarding vaccination, which was at the core of the 1976 controversy, said Dr. David J. Sencer, the CDC director who led the government’s response to the threat and was later fired.

We are now seeing the re-emergence of the swine flu.

In September of 2009, the UN and the US government began spreading disinformation about the so-called “swine flu pandemic”. This “plague” killed only 15,000 people – not enough to classify it as a pandemic.

However, the “pandemic” was a vehicle to getting as many people vaccinated for the virus as possible.

The safety of the vaccine came into question when a study was published in the Journal Public Library Sciences One which stated that children who had been administered the H5N1 vaccine with the ingredient Pandemix, were likely to develop narcolepsy, a sleeping disorder.

Squalene, a dangerous component, was also found in the swine flu vaccine. In a study conducted in 2000, and published in the American Journal of Pathology, squalene reportedly triggered rheumatoid arthritis in rats. This also called into question the use of adjuvants in vaccines and their links to chronic inflammatory diseases.

Squalene causes the human body to attack the immune system, causing autoimmune diseases in animals, according to data in more than two dozen peer-reviewed scientific papers, from ten different laboratories in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The same precautionary suggestion of mass vaccinations is recommended by the public health officials today as was done in 1976.

Considering the past and the dangers of the swine flu vaccine, perhaps they are making another attempt to finish what they started in 1976 . . . making sure every American citizen is vaccinated over a false flag scare tactic.

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism. Our alternative news site is dedicated to reporting the news as it actually happens; not as it is spun by the corporately funded mainstream media. You can find us on our Facebook page .

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