Latest Neocon Terror Propaganda: Electromagnetic Pulse ‘E-Bombs’

Watch out for Al Qaeda ‘E-Bombs
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Brit Dee, Contributor
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Yet another potential danger has been added to the ever-growing and increasingly absurd list of supposed terror threats – the “E-Bomb”.

An “E-bomb” is a weapon designed to be detonated in the upper atmosphere, and which emits a strong electromagnetic pulse. British Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond, speaking today at a conference in London attended by the US Assistant Defence Secretary, warned that terrorists or “rogue states” could use such a device to devastate Britain’s infrastructure.

The E-bomb, if detonated some 500 miles above the Earth, would apparently take out satellites, radar and the National Grid with ‘devastating’ results. Key military installations, transport systems, power and water supplies would also be hit.

Hostile entities may already be in possession of some form of an E-bomb, Ministry of Defence officials warned earlier this month – though there appears to be no actual evidence to support such alarming speculation.

It seems implausible that lone terrorists or localised terror networks would be capable of developing such a device on their own, or gaining access to one – let alone having the ability to launch one 500 miles into the upper atmosphere.

Whilst an E-bomb could feasibly be constructed and launched by a well-funded state (or “rogue state”, as our political leaders call those countries belligerently resistant to Western imperialism), we are not provided with any details about which nation may be trying to do so.

It seems reasonable to assume that Hammond’s allusion to “rogue states” includes Iran; if we were to believe Western propaganda, the Iranian government is currently the biggest threat to world peace. If the West had any actual evidence that Iran is planning to develop or actively working on such a device, however, it is almost certain that we would have been told about it. Such evidence would have been quickly exploited in support of US, Israeli and British anti-Iranian rhetoric, especially in light of the scant evidence for an Iranian nuclear weapons program.

Even if Iran did have an E-bomb, its deployment would make absolutely no strategic sense. Detonating an E-bomb would make as little sense for Iran as their use of a nuclear missile – another weapon the Iranians do not possess and, despite the assertions of our leaders, a weapon they have repeatedly stated they are not developing. Use of an E-bomb or a nuke by Iran, or any other “rogue state”, against Western or Israeli targets, would simply be suicidal.

The conference at which Phillip Hammond discussed the E-bomb threat is being hosted by the US-based Electric Infrastructure and Security Council (EIS) and the Henry Jackson Society.

The Henry Jackson Society is a British “thinktank”, populated by Neocons and advocating “liberal interventionism” – newspeak for the bombing and takeover of foreign countries, in the name of peace, to secure geopolitical objectives.

One glance at the organisation’s membership list settles any doubt about its true imperial nature. It counts amongst its patrons the former head of MI6 Sir Richard Dearlove, former director of the CIA James Woolsey, as well as arch-Neocons and Project For A New American Century members, Richard Perle and William Kristol.

The Electric Infrastructure and Security Council is an organisation that claims to help “coordinate U.S. and international infrastructure protection against electromagnetic threats”.

Its chairman and CEO is a man named Avi Schnurr; Schnurr founded the Israel Missile Defense Association, whose website hypes the supposed threat to Israel from Iranian, Syrian and Palestinian missiles.

The conference is therefore clearly working to a Neocon and Zionist agenda. Fear is being perpetuated with the intention of isolating potential threats to Israel, whilst securing further funding and protection for the Jewish state. Yet more money will be generated for the Western/Israeli military-industrial complex, yet more of our taxes diverted to private security companies and weapon manufacturers.

That the British government was represented at today’s conference is unsurprising, considering the number of leading British politicians who support the Neocon and Zionist ideology and agenda. Phillip Hammond’s predecessor as Defence Secretary, Dr. Liam Fox, had to resign last year after the exposure of illegal business deals connected to future military action against Iran.

Fox and his friend and unofficial adviser Adam Werrity set up the Neocon front organisation The Atlantic Bridge, whilst Werrity’s funding came from wealthy Jewish businessmen, associated with strongly pro-Israel lobby groups such as the British Israel Communications and Research Centre. The pair attended Zionist conferences, sometimes joined by Britain’s ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould, and even held unofficial meetings with members of the Mossad in Israel.

Former British ambassador and whistleblower Craig Murray said that a trusted source told him that “co-ordinating with Israel and the US on diplomatic preparation for an attack on Iran was the subject of all these meetings”.

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