The Greek Solution: How to Sell Freedom to the World

Erik Colin Charles, Contributor
Activist Post

If you know somebody in Greece, please reach out to them and have them read this article and post a comment if they agree or disagree.

Westerners, please write Greek politicians and reference the article — what happens in Greece affects everyone, so we need to root for each others’ success rather than simply say ‘Not in My Backyard’.

The world knows that you feel the pressures and despair of this economic crisis to the middle of your bones. The crushing blow of austerity makes you feel helpless and weak, but there are solutions ….

1) Do not kill yourselves! Don’t you dare take your lives. That is what the banking elitist vampires want you to do. Yes, that’s right, there is a belief among the central banking elitists called eugenics. Eugenics is the belief that we, the regular people of the world, are “useless eaters” and serve no purpose unless we can serve the needs of the elitist rich. Hitler, Stalin, Mao held the same beliefs and moved to apply this philosophy through mass murder. Please research this for yourselves and you will see that the very people who call for Greece to take on severe austerity believe in this unholy philosophy and are working to put more tanks and military forces on the streets. They will keep cutting services until there is nothing left to cut. By killing yourselves, you are making the wish of the elites for total domination and depopulation that much easier. You must live to continue to be a thorn in their sides. You have a right to life; if anybody, it is they who should commit suicide.

2) The “Debt” is not yours! Do you trust central bankers? Do you believe they are honest? Central bankers have openly admitted that they created Credit Default Swaps and used your nation as a front to commit fraud on a massive scale. A Credit Default Swap is similar to selling a car to 100 different people and promising them that they alone will be able to drive that car, but not telling them that the car is actually stolen. Bankers have used the Greek people as their mule, so that they could commit crimes around the world and whip the Greek people into submission by convincing your government that you owed the debts that THEY created! These same bankers have made claims on your lottery, your infrastructure, your water, and even your islands and have exclaimed that they were now the just owners of these things. Exchanging fraudulent digital non-money for real tangible assets. This is the biggest crime of the century – which brings us to point number three.

3) The proceeds of these financial crimes must immediately be given back to the Greek people. The Greek assets taken can ONLY belong to the Greek people. They cannot be sold/swapped/traded into the hands of criminals. Unfortunately, there have been some sons and daughters of Greece that have helped to perpetrate these crimes against her, acting like a Trojan horse. There are a few amongst you that have acted insidiously and worked to remove sovereignty from the Greek people. All those involved in this fraud have already caused so much damage to Greece and her people that they must immediately face trial, then life sentences and possibly even the death penalty. The Greek people are victims in this scenario and the real offenders of this situation must be brought to justice. The Greek people must decide what the fate of these criminals should be and decide what the punishment is for high treason. The proceeds of these crimes (the tangible assets of Greece) must be given back to the people of Greece and this will solve some of the economic problems Greece faces in the immediate future.

4) This is the most important point and the most difficult to understand. During this time of crisis, Greece has a unique opportunity to become one the most free and wealthy nations in modern times. Right now, some of you reading will be shaking your heads, but I must ask you to reserve judgment.

Across the Western world, governments are increasingly restricting free speech and ideas. Small business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors are being punished by Western governments who will not let them engage in business, invent new products, new technologies or express themselves freely.

When an entrepreneur starts a business, there are layers upon layers of bureaucratic fascist red tape that prevent such a business from even beginning. Specialized predators – or as you might commonly refer to them: lawyers – often seek to destroy small businesses to protect the interest of the corporate behemoths they work for.

It is well documented that Western governments will not offer contracts to small local businesses (see for evidence), rather only to mega-corporations that lobby these very governments for closed no-bid contracts.

These contracts are bloated and ridiculous; a famous example is the $800 toilet seat purchased from a super mega-corporation that provides supplies to the U.S. army.

There are numerous agencies in the U.S. formed to assault free-thinkers and purge their creativity: IRS, CIA, FBI, DOJ, DOD, any and all alphabet-soup organizations – never once offering to aid the individual, only exacting punishments on the very people that could serve their nation best.

Sometimes these agencies operate under the guise of protecting the public, such as the Food and Drug Administration, recently making it a criminal act in the U.S. to drink fresh unpasteurized farm milk. This is, of course, paralleled or even instigated by the Eurocrats in Brussels who wish to make exhaling carbon dioxide an environmental crime.

What people across the world really crave is freedom. Not the kind of freedom where people wrap themselves in the flag of their respective country and congratulate themselves for being born. Real freedom where artists, entrepreneurs, inventors, and scientists have the freedom to create great things without being attacked for their ideas. Some places have had a fleeting glimpse of freedom throughout history. Think of Paris in the 1920s with Picasso, Gertrude Stein, Hemingway. Think of turn of the century America, with great inventors like Thomas Edison or Nikola Tesla.

These times are quite a contrast with the era of WWII or our present time. In many ways the invention of the Internet has been a great equalizer. An individual or a small company can leverage their position and compete against a large mega-corporation by offering their services or products in the same venue.

That is the reason that the predators of free thought and creativity wish to see the Internet’s ruin. U.S. Bills like SOPA and CISPA have sought to criminalize the individual who uses the Internet to engage in business, or perhaps mildly criticize the powers that be. The attacks have become so tyrannical that many technologies and businesses that would benefit mankind have been suppressed to never see the light of day.

The establishment tries to convince the public, through mainstream news and dramas that the “law” must be upheld at all times and at all costs, that the “law” is there to protect the public and keep us safe. This would be great if it was applied equally to everyone. But anyone with two brain cells can tell you that that is not the case. Executives, Bankers, Celebrities, and Billionaires are usually quite adept at circumventing any punishment from the crimes that they perpetuate.

Often the “law”, created by “Officials” and “Bureaucrats” does not take what is right or wrong into consideration. Take elections, for example. This is not a political expression – as I care not for politicians, whom for the most part are pathological liars and kleptocrats. I hope for the best with the outcome of the election, but my prediction is that Greece will receive more of the same. Often, seemingly political opponents are agents for the very same cause. A prime example of this is George W. Bush and Obama; they appeared on the surface to be very different, but if you now analyze their decisions and actions, they are virtually indistinguishable.

The heart of the problem remains with the un-elected European Union and its “Officials” who wish to eat out your substance. These “Officials” can pass resolutions and laws, but keep in mind that even though they may declare something a law or illegal, the terms of ” legal” and “illegal” are irrelevant when compared to what is “right” or “wrong”. Hitler passed several laws and resolutions to carry out genocide “legally”. In the United States, the Supreme Court even once declared that black people were not “legally” people. They can make any laws they wish, but there are some universal truths that no “law” can touch.

You have RIGHTS! The Greek people (like people everywhere) have a right to life, have a right to earn a decent living, and have a right not to have an illegal debt put on their backs. The EU, the troika, the Central Banks have thrown Greece into despair and have attempted to demoralize the youth of the nation. You will often hear “experts” and “economists” try to discount Greece as a nation with no resources to create products or manufacture wealth. You must forget about the speculators and the “banking experts”. They have wished for the demise of Greece for years. The rest of the world hopes to see Greece succeed … and there is a way.

Greece may not have a lot of physical resources, but that does not matter so much in the modern world. What is desired more than any other thing on the planet is individual freedom. The individual freedom to know, to say, to do, to be. Greece is the birthplace of many great minds. The destiny of Greece is to once again ignite its reputation as the ‘intellectual capital of the world.’ Greece should sell freedom to the rest of the world. Since there is no competition, Greece can set its own price. The demand for freedom will never wane and if the governments of the Western world continue to follow their self-destructive paths, Freedom will continually be in scarce supply. What do I mean by selling freedom?

First, create a ‘Freedom Zone’ for all Internet services, activities, servers, domain registration, virtualized tools, publishing, etc. to the entire world. In this ‘Freedom Zone’, the Internet would be free and protected from any agency, corporation, litigant, or bureaucrat that wishes to shut it down. The idea is to be able to express oneself fully without any government intervention against criticism. Let the Freedom of Speech reign over your beautiful country. Opponents of free speech argue that it can be dangerous and they often give the example of yelling “Fire!” in a crowded movie theater.

On the Internet, life is virtual – so any harm would be virtual or non-real as well. Bureaucrats have tried to convince the public of the dangers of “online terrorism”. This is ridiculous because systems such as power grids or water treatment facilities should not be accessible over the regular Internet in the first place.

This small act alone could create massive financial gain for Greece, as small companies, artists, musicians, inventors, etc. would flock to use Greek Internet Systems, which parallels the spread of the Greek idea of Democracy over 2000 years ago.

Second, offer three-year ‘intellectual visas’ to the top minds in the world. Because the world and the global market is an increasingly dangerous place for intellectuals, they are actively seeking refuge from totalitarians who would squash their free speech, steal their ideas and shut down their businesses.

Freedom is the most valuable commodity in the world right now, and continually seems more scarce. If you adopt a visa system that allows intellectuals from Western nations to come into Greece , you’ll see  your country’s wealth flourish.

I would encourage you to charge a nominal visa application fee of $7,000 USD per person, and have the applicants pledge 1/10 of their time to volunteering, where their respective talents can benefit your nation. If you accept say 200,000 participants, that is $1.4 Billion USD. I’m sure this money could be put to good use and is urgently needed.

Don’t you dare give one cent of this money to pay the bankers the fraudulent debts you do not owe; please give it to Greeks in the most dire of need instead. By implementing this program, Greece will have the brightest minds in the world actively working to solve your nation’s problems like food production, energy trading, manufacturing, etc.

Some other stipulations could be that the visa participants must also sign a loyalty pledge to work toward the good of the Greek people, not incur any debts, and obey the local laws of Greece. Charge a 15% flat tax on the intellectual visa participants. Whatever capital they are able to make from their art, inventions, products, businesses, they will gladly share 15%. The amount generated by this tax could be the most lucrative. Men who are free to create without chains, are often the most successful.

Greece could also offer economic citizenship with investments over $1M USD (or some other amount). The countries who have offered economic citizenship programs in the past have flourished and amassed fortunes in their coffers. Today, very few countries even offer these types of programs. I assure you that even with all the problems in Greece, there are numerous wealthy individuals who would give all their passports up to become a citizen of your beautiful nation.

You may say, “We the Greek people are concerned with survival, why would we care about immigrants who want to come to Greece?”

Like it or not, your country is the front-line of the Banking OccupationMax Keiser

As the frontline, you are in great danger of even stiffer measures to make sure you comply with greater austerity. How much further can they go? There are no limits. Billy clubs, tanks and even gas chambers are in the realm of possibilities. You must change to survive. The criminals in charge must be brought to justice immediately; it is either them or the Greek people who will suffer. The intellectuals of the world cast our vote with you, the people. There is no future siding with financial terrorists, which is what banks, technocrats, and politicians have become. Foreigners will also boost your local economies through tourism, by renting apartments, supporting your local restaurants and those who produce goods and services. I’m sure this boost is greatly needed at this moment.

In the information age, intellectual capital is the only weapon that can be used to keep the criminal elites at bay by exposing their corruption. If Greece becomes the defender of free speech and the hub of intellectual and informational technology, this is the only non-violent method to turn around a dire economic situation. You must act, and you must act now. I, alone, do not have all the answers and cannot guarantee that there will not be difficult situations if you aggressively take on these ideas. However, if you do not, you will face debt slavery to the same bastards who have beat your country into submission. They will not give you any quarter; that much is guaranteed.

Third, You must promote open source technology and open source intellectual property to be shared among all Greeks. Your young should not have to pay for university; all knowledge should be open source and readily available for any Greek citizen who wishes to take advantage of it. Every Greek child could be taught open source software for free – since there is no licensing required. The intellectual visa participants could be assigned to classes of youth and should be encouraged to teach these skills for free. In 5-10 years these children could be experts in open source software and lead the world in software production. This software could be used for the management and production of Sovereign Greek Energy. This is just one example of many that could transform Greece. Open source inventions, Open Source products, tools, could all be created and shared with the Greek people and future R&D projects.

You must promote the idea of Greece as a center for intellectual freedom. This kind of freedom generates wealth, attracts the best minds to your country, and will continue to enrich your country for many years to come.

Your ancestors built ancient civilizations; it is your destiny to continue to build civilization and push the limits of science and innovation. Protect freedom like a precious jewel. It is the secret to wealth.

The nations who have sought to protect individual freedom have become the wealthiest on earth. Unfortunately, they have abandoned freedom and with this, we are witnessing their decay. Greece can become a bastion of freedom and an economic powerhouse at the same time.

Recent legislation by massive corporations have tried to clamp down on what people can say and do on the Internet. The Internet has become such a vital part of our everyday life.

Greece should not allow anyone to peer into their records or give information to policing bodies that wish to extradite individuals or subpoena businesses. This firm stance against tyrannical forces will attract all those with liberty in their minds, and all productive humans who love humanity, and consequently also love liberty.

This direction of Liberty will also spawn further creative capital from the arts. Greece could become the hub for media and of the performing arts. Every young Greek has an incredible opportunity to use this crisis to their advantage and create intellectual capital that will bring wealth to Greece from around the world.

Before Greece gets started on this path it must totally divorce itself with the use of the Euro. The technocrats will try to convince you that this is futile and that you cannot survive a return to the drachma, while they continue to pile even more debt upon your nation and stomp on your throats. A lot of you may be anxious about doing this, but the reality is that the Euro is moving towards worthlessness.

Greece may feel some financial pain in the short term, but the end result of sticking with the Eurocrats is increasing austerity, more police tactics, and a total loss of sovereignty. Greece can save herself with a national currency backing its own sovereign money and forget listening to Eurocrats who have never ran a business successfully in their life. Greek people have a right to determine their own fate without being tied to the Titanic that is the Euro-zone. You must get rid of the Eurocratic/EU system and rid this trash from your beautiful country. They are vampires set on drinking the life-blood of Greece.

Greece must refuse to pay for all Credit Default Swaps and falsified debts that have been created by foreign banksters and wrongly put on your backs. Take back all national assets that belong to the Greek people and commandeer the assets of the bankers that have tried to steal from you. Remove their titles of ownership to these Greek assets, as they can only truly belong to the Greek people and nobody else.


You must stop abusing your brothers and sisters for the interests of foreign bankers at once! We see the beatings of old ladies and men, the hungry, and the tired bruised by your batons. Why have you sold out your nation and abused your office? To fight the Greek people? To fight your brothers and sisters for a salary of a few euros that will be worthless in a couple of years?  It is absurdity! How will your mother ever love you or respect you when you hurt the children of Greece? Remember the lessons of history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong all exterminated their police forces as their first order of business when their regimes came fully to power. If you continue along this path you have no future other than the death of your nation and your brothers and sisters.

Now you may agree with my suggestions and say, “But what can we do? We have no power…”

Nonsense. If you had no power, they would not send a militarized police force to intimidate you. Keep living as if these austerity measures were pure fiction. You must take advantage of the benevolence of those who wish to aid your nation. Do not put your trust in gigantic foreign corporations or governments, but in the individual. Open your doors to those who wish to build the Greek nation and close your doors to those who wish to tear it down. The rest of the world hopes to see Greece rise. Trade with your neighbors who support you. Iceland was able to rid herself of the foreign banking sociopaths and is doing better than ever. Trade with Iceland, and you will find that the natural resources you lack can be supplemented with the resources that Iceland offers.

Greece does not so much have an economic crisis, as it has a crisis of will power. Whose Will will dominate? The banking vultures who push you towards suicide and laugh at your misery, or the will of the Greek people whose ancestors gave birth to Western civilization, fought tirelessly to preserve their sovereignty and have the power within each and every one of its citizen to overcome your enemies and rise like a phoenix above the ashes?

You know the answer. It is up to you. They want you to feel helpless and at the mercy of their institutions, but what they are really afraid of is that you will discover the enormous power and potential within yourself.

Your voice and your will is stronger than any weapon. Your destiny is truly what you choose it to be.

Spread your wings and fly to victory.

Greece Will Prevail.

Erik Colin Charles has lived and worked overseas and is passionate about free markets, intellectual freedom, free speech, and taking action.  Please visit his dedication to Greece, with additional photos and images (in English and Greek) at The Greek Solution

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