EU Won’t let Greece Out of its Talons

Keelan Balderson, Contributor
Activist Post

The EU bureaucrats have declared that Greece should remain within the Eurozone in order to respect its commitments to the corrupt financial system that has decimated the country and the rest of the world.

Herman Van Rompuy, the unelected President of the European Council following a recent summit in Brussels, suggested that Greece no longer has the right to self-determination and is beholden to the superstate dream.

“On behalf of euro area leaders…we want Greece to remain in the euro area while respecting its commitments,” he stated. “We are fully aware of the significant efforts already made by the Greek citizens,” who have been forced in to poverty as they take on the burden of the fraudulent debt, but they must continue with the “vital reforms” imposed on to them by the likes of the IMF he concluded [1].

Greece’s Prime Minister Panagiotis Pikrammenos, who is openly described as nothing more than a caretakerfor the EU elite pledged his support and even thanked the superstate for bailing them out and further indebting Europe to the banksters [2].

Van Rompuy noted that member states have “disbursed, together with the IMF (International Monetary Fund) nearly 150bn euros (£120bn; $188bn) in support of Greece since 2010,” an astronomical amount in order continue the post-democratic era.

Although the commissars spew the authoritarian line, they are quietly panicking that the Greek people may follow Iceland’s lead and write-off the debt, which was mainly created through secret deals between Goldman Sachs and the Government of the day, who accepted massive loans in exchange for profits from key state infrastructure [3]; a fact hidden from the people who are now being forced to foot the bill. Sachs’ profits were so high that they made more than the loan itself, and they’ve been allowed to skulk off as the Greek people drown.

SYRIZA (Coalition of the Radical Left) are rising in the polls and will likely win the June election. They oppose Rompuy’s vital reforms and could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, allowing the debt-ridden sinking ship of Europe to finally hit the ocean floor and rebuild itself using sound sovereign economics. It certainly won’t be pretty, but it will bring some modicum of power back to the people.

The suits won’t go down without a fight however and are already mapping out contingency plans should Greece give them the middle finger. One of the main concerns is that if they exit the Eurozone, a run on the banks to salvage any capital that’s left will cause the whole tower of babel to collapse at free-fall speed. Over 700 million euros have been withdrawn by citizens since the May 6 election [4]. The people want their money out, before the system gobbles it up.

If the Eurozone crisis has taught us anything, it’s that global governance and stringent multilateralism simply doesn’t work. As sovereign independent nations the world is diversified, stable and answerable to the individual. Centralizing power broadens the impact of failure.

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This article first appeared at Wide Shut.

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