The Birth of Fascism? A Wrong Turn On A One-Way Street

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Humanity Has Been Herded Into A Cul-De-Sac Of Slavery And Extinction

state [steɪt] (noun) 

6. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a sovereign political power or community 

7. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the territory occupied by such a community

A State Of Terror; Of The Few, By The Few And For The Few

The United States of America, at this time, is the primary conduit, instrument and catalyst, employed by an age-old line of supremacists, in the finalisation of an ancient quest for global totalitarianism.

The last remaining superpower, now an unmitigated rogue state, is being used as both the sharp end of the stick, to back everyone into a corner, and a blunt instrument to beat them into submission.

The New World Order has been under construction for a very long time.

But how long?

Some 60 families—names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Dodge, Mellon, Pratt, Harkness, Whitney, Duke, Harriman, Carnegie, Vanderbilt, DuPont, Guggenheim, Astor, Lehman, Warburg, Taft, Huntington, Baruch and Rosenwald— formed a close network of plutocratic wealth that manipulated, bribed, and bullied its way to control the destiny of the United States. 

They operated in absolute secrecy, lest the general public understand how the banks’ money manipulated political decisions behind the scenes, including decisions to go to war or to keep the peace. — F. William Engdahl, Gods of Money

What’s In A Name?

Bundy, Collins, Freeman, Kennedy, Li, Onassis, Reynolds, Rothschild, Russell, Van Duyn.

There are antediluvian bloodlines, names both famous and obscure, which have been crossbreeding, strictly within their own class, for many centuries. They have been passing along a psychopathic genetic aberration and patiently manipulating human events for many centuries with a single purpose in mind; the total subjugation of the rest of humanity.

They are parasites upon the body of the human species.

Some of these families reach back into the depths of antiquity to draw their self-proclaimed supremacy from the ancient rulers of Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent, home to the fabled Garden of Eden. The land upon which that bit of legend was built almost certainly now lies submerged beneath the waters of the Persian Gulf.

It is quite probable that this region, broadly speaking, was the first place on Earth where, from around twelve thousand to as much as 14,500 years ago, the human species began the transition from nomadic gathering and hunting to sedentary agriculture in and around a place called Göbekli Tepe, about 800 miles northwest of Kuwait.

This Neolithic Revolution was perhaps a great misstep on the path of human evolution.

It has been hypothesised from the archeological evidence found at Göbekli Tepe that this area and time may have been the point in the human experiment where people first began to see themselves as separate from and superior to Nature and the rest of the Life on Earth.

Fatal error.

Klaus Schmidt, now a researcher at the German Archaeological Institute (DAI), has been working the Göbekli Tepe site since 1994.

Anthropologists have assumed that organized religion began as a way of salving the tensions that inevitably arose when hunter-gatherers settled down, became farmers, and developed large societies. 

Göbekli Tepe, to Schmidt’s way of thinking, suggests a reversal of that scenario: The construction of a massive temple by a group of foragers is evidence that organized religion could have come before the rise of agriculture and other aspects of civilization. It suggests that the human impulse to gather for sacred rituals arose as humans shifted from seeing themselves as part of the natural world to seeking mastery over it. (source)

The most significant observation and insight of the investigation. A wrong turn on a one-way street.

Big mistake.

This shift in perception, which was likely engineered or, at the very least, co-opted and nurtured by the earliest ancestors of those families mentioned above, set us on a one-way street of unnatural, self-worshiping materialism, which has led us ultimately to the brink of extinction.

Religion; The First Form Of Totalitarianism.

The separation of the priesthood, the chosen of god, and the laity is intrinsic to the hierarchical nature of organised religion. Although not limited exclusively to it, this is especially emphasised in monotheism.

Unlike many early Pagan cults, which ranked the human among all the other Life of Earth, as a part of the fabric of Nature, the predominant monotheistic cults also share the common characteristic of making humanity the special favourite of the god, superior to all other Life and free to exploit the vital resources of Nature without restraint. How convenient for us, how considerate of our special “god”.

Such hierarchical constructs, requiring complete submission and belief, make a perfect vehicle for those who seek dominion over others. It allows them to create a two-class system wherein they, the priests, the only ones with access to the god, can build power and amass wealth thereby gaining control of those things vital to the survival of those who follow them. At the same time they give their subjects a sense of importance and superiority by emphasizing their favoured status with the god and their right to dominance over Nature and the rest of Life.

Perhaps herein lies the explanation of the inexplicable phenomena of productive, otherwise seemingly rational people, submitting to the rule of a non-productive, psychopathic parasite class when it is patently not in their best interest to do so.

This paradigm is transposed quite easily to the template of modern civilisation.

The economic system of laissez faire capitalism is a faith-based religion. It is founded completely on belief rather than reality, fact or science. It requires the consumer flock to have complete faith in the priesthood of the economists while worshipping the god Mammon unreservedly and without question.

The Chicken Or The Egg, The Church Or The Farm?

It has long been widely accepted that the transition to an agrarian social structure, the “Neolithic Revolution”, gave rise to the need for religion as a means to stabilise, unify and sedate the populace during the transition from nomadic Life to a large, fixed society. It now appears the inverse may have been the case.

There are subtle indications in relatively recent archaeological discoveries pointing to the possibility that religion or worship may have been contrived; a purposed belief system, consciously fabricated by self-worshiping humans, which created conditions ultimately leading to fixed settlements.

Sedentary agriculture and the keeping of livestock would then have developed out of necessity in response to the needs of growing, non-nomadic populations as the quantity of game, wild grains and other foraged food sources in the immediate area became inadequate.

This then led to villages, towns, cities, nations and, ultimately, the global cancer of unrestrained growth by which we and our Life Support System are being destroyed today.

Unrestrained growth, growth for its own sake, is the agenda of a cancerous tumor, not that of a sentient intelligence or a civilisation.

Ground Zero?

…the area that today encompasses Israel, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Jordan, and western Syria—archaeologists had discovered settlements dating as far back as 13,000 B.C. Known as Natufian villages (the name comes from the first of these sites to be found), they sprang up across the Levant as the Ice Age was drawing to a close, ushering in a time when the region’s climate became relatively warm and wet. (source)

These settlements were not constructed by farmers but by hunter-gatherers.

Yet although the Natufians lived in permanent settlements of up to several hundred people, they were foragers, not farmers, hunting gazelles and gathering wild rye, barley, and wheat. “It was a big sign that our ideas needed to be revised,” says Harvard University archaeologist Ofer Bar-Yosef. (source)

Could Göbekli Tepe and the other Natufian settlements be where anthropocentrism first reared its ugly head? Is this the time and place man created god in his image? Is this when and where the anthropomorphic god was contrived and a hierarchical system of worship designed to give certain men the ability to rule with unquestioned power over everyone else?

Did the first parasitic, supremacist psychopaths begin their conquest of humanity from this place and time? Did the tumor that has become the worldwide cancer of Free Market Globalisation first begin to metastasise here?

Perhaps this was the time and place where we first mistook rulers for leaders; rulers who understood that confining a population to a single defined space made them easier to manipulate and control. To be a successful sheep herder one must first acquire a flock of sheep.

Such a stationary population, as its numbers grew, would require governance, providing the parasite class, whose greatest skills are lying, deception, exploitation and manipulation, with a golden opportunity.

Socially acceptable behaviour would have to be defined and enforced. Was this where the seeds of propaganda, indoctrination and the Police State were planted? Religious dogma is the earliest form of mass indoctrination of which I am aware.

A growing population in a fixed location, without the disciplined structure of a small, nomadic hunter-gatherer unit, would require a body of laws and rules to avoid falling into chaos and anarchy.

Once there are laws, it follows as does night the day, there must, of necessity, be someone to enforce them.

As the population grew, these regulations, controlling and directing social interactions, would also grow in number and complexity. As they became increasingly restrictive, the majority could be more easily forced to serve the priestly minority who, after all, received those regulations directly from the god and by whom the enforcers were employed.

The Proverbial Last Straw.

Wherever it began, where will it end?

America was certainly not by any means the first step taken on the long slippery slope to the edge of the abyss over which we now dangle by our collective fingertips. However, if corrective action is not taken very soon, it may become the last.

The New World Order of the supremacists will become reality. How long will it last? Probably not all that long. But the damage will be irreparable.

Time to start over from the beginning; “got to get back to the land and set my soul free”. (Woodstock – Written by Joni Mitchell, popularized by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

The Rubicon has been crossed. Things are never going back to normal. Normal is the problem. This cycle will run to completion and those who rise from the ashes when it’s over will have to begin anew. Hopefully this time they will retain enough history and group memory of the past to avoid just doing the same thing over again.

Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is a good definition of insanity.

A New World Order Of Peace And Freedom.

The first half of the phrase above has come to represent, to most, something to be feared and avoided; something inherently evil. But if combined with the second half, it becomes something altogether different.

A totalitarian one world government, a single world currency and a global ruling class are not prerequisites to achieving a world united in Peace and prosperity. Nor are those things in any way desirable except to the few who would rule.

The many People of Earth, in all their diversity, if not for the few that manipulate and oppress them, would gladly live together in Peace, Tolerance and Cooperation.

The moment the many stop bickering amongst themselves over petty differences and turn their unified attention upon the true enemy of all, the few who have brought this ruin upon Earth and Life; in that moment the tide will turn and an unstoppable tsunami of Joy and Love will cleanse Earth of fear and hate.

In that moment, the human race will finally take a significant step toward true civilisation.

There is no way to Peace. Peace is the way. — A.J. Muste

Richard Posner is a writer, computer graphics and image editor, and is skilled at electronic music applications. The full range of his political and ideological views, and the background for those, can be found on his own site. Richard can be contacted directly at

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