Biden Brainwashes New Generation of Military Men; China Is Next?

Keelan Balderson, Contributor
Activist Post

In the typical pomp of US military brainwashing, Vice President Joe Biden lauded nearly a thousand West Point Army Cadets, who graduated from the top US military academy over the weekend, using the contrived 9/11 attacks and subsequent illegal and immoral wars as his hollow patriotic talking points.

Standing with the pearly white grin of a used car salesmen, the warmonger told the soon-to-be killing machines: “Those warriors sent a message to the world that if you harm America, we will follow you to the end of the earth,” even though the military and intelligence services of America consistently struck first, meddled and then helped events like 9/11 come to fruition.

“Your generation, the 9/11 generation, is more than worthy of the proud legacy that you will inherit today;” a legacy that includes over a million innocent deaths, resulting from multiple illegal and unjust conflicts of aggression across the world. Starting with the occupation of Afghanistan, despite no evidence of Bin Laden’s involvement in the September 11th terrorist attacks and a willingness from the Taliban to cooperate should the proof be presented [1], and soon moving on to the slaughtering of the Iraqi people, based on lies about Saddam’s WMD capabilities.

On the Libyan conflict Biden had the stomach churning gall to say they helped people!

We learned during the Libya campaign, where we saved thousands of innocents and help topple a murderous dictator, that there’s almost nothing, nothing we cannot accomplish when NATO and our partners act decisively.

Far from a legal and successful humanitarian mission, the US involvement in Libya circumvented the Constitution by going around the elected Congress to the United Nations [2], and resulted in thousands of innocent civilian deaths. NATO literally joined forces with Al Qaeda to bomb a well-functioning sovereign nation in to submission [3], which is now operated under Sharia Law by Muslim extremists [4], who are murdering and torturing black Libyans and pro-Gaddafi citizens [5].

So, welcome new Cadets; you’re entering a world that predominately hates you, with many in your own country disappointed at your misled decision to carry on the sickening legacy and who pity you for falling for the deceptive rhetoric of politicians like Joe Biden.

But what will the next generation of “dumb, stupid animals”, as described by former National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, “be used” for?

According to Biden, Cyber Terrorists and “China” are the next bogeymen to hand over our liberty for and to blow into smithereens in order to protect some nonsensical perception of national interests.

“Winding down these long wars is enabling us to replace and rebalance our foreign policy, to take on the full range of challenges that will shape the 21st century, challenges different than those of the 20th century.” said Biden.

“The most critical relationship to get right is that between the United States and China. Every day the affairs of our nations and the livelihoods of our citizens become more connected,” he stated.

As noted by the Daily Mail: President Barack Obama, who is running for re-election with Biden in November, unveiled a new military strategy earlier this year that would ‘pivot’ U.S. attention to Asia as troops return home from the wars.

The threat from China at this stage is purely an economic one, ironically created by the US Government’s out-of-control borrowing, the Federal Reserve’s devaluation of the Dollar, and the corporations’ strategy of jumping ship to China for cheaper labor.

But the military aren’t usually used for handshakes, so a war with Asia is not such a wild prediction. And young men are jumping at the chance to be the jackboots of the world:

“I’m ready to sacrifice for those I love. I’m ready to go. Send me!” said starry-eyed 23-year-old Te Jay Espe of Stanwood, Wash.

“I know this country has given me a lot and I want to give back, I’m willing to give my life”, said J.C. Van’t Land, 22, of Hull, Iowa.

Yes a lot! Such as grope downs and cancer-causing scanners at the airport, and a debt crisis that he and his children (if he isn’t blown to bits before having them) will have to pay off.

…Check out the Daily Mail’s coverage of the speech. The propaganda goes as far as using the admitted military psyop of the toppling Saddam statue!

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This article first appeared at Wide Shut.

Keelan Balderson is an independent journalist, documentary filmmaker and Internet radio host from the UK. You can listen to his WideShut Webcast every Monday at 8pm GMT on Resistance Radio. Please support his work by visiting his website:

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