Al Qaeda Underpants Bomb ‘Upgraded’ – They’re Big Boys Now

Keelan Balderson, Contributor
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In a dubious and contradictory piece of propaganda that will drum up unneeded fear and act as a crutch to support even more invasive airport security, many mainstream media outlets today are parroting the idea that the mythical Al Qaeda have upgraded their underpants bombs to avoid detection by airport naked body scanners [1].

Stemming only from unclear CIA and FBI sources; a plot emanating from the Yemeni al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula group (formerly ran by US-Born Pentagon informant Anwar Al-Awlaki [2]) was allegedly foiled on Monday.

It’s suggested that a bomber planned to use a device similar to the fizzling failure of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day in 2009, but this time it was more sophisticated and might be able to bypass the cancer-causing full naked scanners, suggesting the establishment may have plans for even more invasive security measures…to protect our liberties.

This is troubling for a number of reasons. As thoroughly documented throughout the alternative media, Mutallab never even went through airport security in 2009, as he was seen by witnesses being escorted directly on to the flight by who we can only determine was a US operative [3]; because as later suggested by the State Department’s Patrick F. Kennedy, the unaccountable US Intel agencies wanted to spy on Mutallab [4]. Yet the reason the hugely profitable scanners were wheeled out in the first place was because of this carelessly flawed and likely deliberate US-led operation.

Terrorism expert Brian Jenkins, Senior Advisor to the President of the RAND Corporation let slip to LA Magazine that it was unclear if the Underpants bomber could be detected by the machines anyway [5]. You’d think they’d be certain, considering Governments across the world were so certain about installing them.

Ben Wallace, an ex Army officer & former director in the security & intelligence division at UK defense firm QinetiQ – one of the companies making the full body scanner technology – said, the “passive millimetre wave scanners”, which QinetiQ helped develop, probably would not have detected key plots affecting passengers in the UK in recent years. Mr. Wallace said the scanners would probably not have detected the failed Detroit plane plot of Christmas Day. He said the same of the 2006 airliner liquid bomb plot and of explosives used in the 2005 bombings of 3 Tube trains and a bus in London [6].

This is because although the scanners see through clothing, they have a difficult time picking up plastics, liquids and powder. Even if there are metal items on somebody’s person, they too can be hidden according to experiments:

It appears officials aren’t even keeping track of their own lies. Oh my god! The upgraded pants bomb can bypass the scanners! Well it seems the original could as well. This certainly doesn’t mean we need more invasive and high-tech scanners to detect such devices; it means the runaway US Government agencies need to stop allowing and/or staging the attacks in the first place.

Evidence that this latest plot was legitimate is scant. It’s admitted that there was no actual target selected and the alleged bomber had not tried boarding any plane. The FBI claims it had recovered the explosive itself (from where we don’t know) but it was not clear whether the alleged bomber had been captured or killed.

Early indications suggest the bomb may have been the work of Ibrahim al-Asiri, al-Qaeda’s supposed “master”although 100% unsuccessful bomb maker. The media link him to two bombs planted in printer cartridges and put on US cargo planes in 2010, although as we reported at the time there is no evidence that any such planes even left Yemen [7].

Every plot out of Yemen has been marred with contradictions, a lack of evidence and individuals linked directly to the US’s own intelligence agencies. The public should be highly skeptical of this most recent alleged plot, especially when Yemen has been on the US’s list of countries to invade since 9/11, even before Al Qaeda were even reported to be there.

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This article first appeared at Wide Shut.

Keelan Balderson is an independent journalist, documentary filmmaker and Internet radio host from the UK. You can listen to his WideShut Webcast every Monday at 8pm GMT on Resistance Radio. Please support his work by visiting his website:

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