Woman with cerebral palsy arrested in foreclosure fight with Wells Fargo

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Joe Wright 
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The crimes of the banking system continue to mount across the board, but perhaps nowhere are the crimes more blatant and outrageous than what has resulted from the foreclosure scandal.

It has been repeatedly exposed that people are being booted out of their homes despite banks lacking the proper documentation to do so.  People have had their homes broken into by banks, even when occupied, and foreclosure fraud whistleblowers have been found dead — all while Wall Street and the White House blames homeowners.  Clearly, the area of home foreclosure is the bottom of the barrel, even among banksters not known for their sound moral compass.

However, the latest story of a California woman with cerebral palsy facing wrongful foreclosure might just signify an all-time low.

The story of Ana Casas Wilson is one that contains a similar report of abuse that we have heard coming from just about every state in the union.  According to Wilson, she was first denied a loan modification by Wells Fargo, then processed for foreclosure even after she had caught up on her payments.

To make matters even worse, Wilson alleges that the bank has refused to accept her payments, which has erroneously put her 16 months behind, according to bank records.

With very little recourse, homeowners facing wrongful — or at least dubious — foreclosure have started to take matters into their own hands.  We have seen activists take on Bank of America by filing civil actions in cases of bank-induced mortgage defaults; activists have set up websites like OccupyTheCourts.org and ProSeAction.org to assist those in need; and activists have even turned bank ATMs into truth machines in protest against predatory banking.

Ana Casas Wilson also has decided not to roll over to predatory banking.  She shows her tremendous courage in the video below where we see her break through a police line to deliver a check directly to the door of Wells Fargo CFO, Tim Sloan.  Sloan had already been the target of peaceful protest in the past; and as proof of the fear of exposure, a neighborhood anti-picketing ordinance was imposed that served to keep protesters at a distance.

While we certainly should support the rights of privacy and safety on one’s own personal property, when the blatant crimes of the elite continue to go unpunished, or are deliberately covered up by the very government that is sworn to protect its citizens, more incidents like this one are bound to happen.  Therefore, it would be in the best interest of those like Tim Sloan and the police enforcers who are beginning to feel threatened, to have a conscience instead of seeking further ways to isolate themselves from the affected public.

The quote by John F. Kennedy regarding redress of grievances cannot be stated often enough: Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.

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