Why have I awakened, while others still sleep? Writing Contest


Kay O.
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This question I often ask myself ‘why have I awakened, while others still sleep?’

I initially read David Icke’s The Biggest Secret at 14-years-old and felt I was being awakened as opposed to being pushed along in a half-conscious state. The book was given to me by a lady I sometimes spoke to as I walked to school (I always purposely made myself late for school because I never actually really wanted to be there, I never coped well with ritualistic routines and perceived authority).

I viewed this lady as a hippie and my spirit took to her immensely, she studied astrology and related all my emotions and mood’s to the positioning of the planets at a given time in our solar system. I grew to love this stranger and she represented peace and wisdom to me at a time when I was questioning everything such as ‘why are we here’? ‘Why do people have to starve and die while others are rich and live in abundance’? On receiving The Biggest Secret I was overwhelmed with excitement at having had this gift of enlightenment. I was finally able to begin connecting the dots to an existence that once seemed unreal, barbaric and without explanation.

Armed with the discovery of what I can only describe as the ‘awakening knowledge’, the excitement of what Icke had revealed made me want to show the world so they might have the freedom of being awakened also. However much to my shock and disappointment, I was hit with suspicion, animosity and ridicule. I felt very hurt that people could dismiss such possibilities, I tried to explain that if it is possible we live on a planet known as earth and as human beings (and that cannot be denied) does this not mean that anything is possible? I was told that I was a naive and gullible little girl and as a result of my naivety I was ultimately being brain washed. However, I had already been awakened and it was now too late to turn over and go back to sleep.

I am now 28, and I can vividly see the agenda at work in my everyday life. I can see those fast asleep, those awake and those waking. The people who once told me I was naive and gullible are now searching and stating openly ‘something isn’t right here!’ As the veils of governments continue slipping, humans are getting a glimpse of what is lurking underneath. And, as a result, they’re beginning to question ‘what the fuck is really going on in this world?’

I have discovered as humans we will seek out knowledge when we are ready, and only then will we be prepared to become informed. I see that significant events affecting people directly often cause need for an explanation and a want for change. We all need to be conscious of events affecting all humans globally as Icke states ‘we are all one infinite consciousness’ and the illusion is that we are independent of each other.

If I have learnt anything from Icke’s work, it is not to succumb to the tool of the illuminati, fear! Fear feeds their agenda of ultimate control and keeps us imprisoned as a race. I was once wary about the connotations associated with the mention of David Icke. I now make reference to his teaching openly and comfortably in the knowledge that the truth will prevail. Icke was ridiculed on Wogan as he sacrificed his reputation to inform the human race as to exactly what is going on. We need to spread the knowledge where relevant regardless of what ridicule or banter we expect. My journey in trying to let go of fear has allowed me an increase of inner peace and a sense of purpose in assisting my fellow human beings out of this lifelong comma.

Here is a small example of me letting go of fear in the form of an incident that happened in my work place. The company brought in finger printing machines and explained that all employees must be finger printed on coming in and out of the building for payroll purposes. We were told if we don’t adhere we won’t get paid. There was a huge panic about losing pay and people waited in line to be fingerprinted. My colleagues (the sheeple, but unknown to them) insisted I need to hurry. When my manager suggested I need to be fingerprinted I said no (this is a huge company who have rolled this out nationally). She was shocked and told me I would not get paid. I explained I have no information about the company or their activities, I do not know where my personal details are stored, implications should third parties have access to my finger prints and I also noted that I do not respond well to threat’s with regard to loss of pay. I was given a website which was supposed to inform me about the company providing the finger printing machine. The site explained the company was a data capturing service and didn’t state much else. To date I still will not give my fingerprints and I am still getting paid off the rota, hollow threats aye!

Another incident occurred when a cone was put out reserving a parking space for the director. All staff park on the road if the ‘cone’ is out for the director as opposed to directly on our work premises. As I do not believe in hierarchies for the preservation of power, I ensure I park my £500 car in front of the cone and allow my director to park her Mercedes on the other side of the road. I was waiting to be questioned about this at which point I would have responded ‘we are all equal and all do an equally important job’. However, I was never questioned about this but was informed the director had a bad day and was crying because somebody kept parking in front of the cone. This director was given power by those that deemed her to be powerful, once that ideology was challenged she was no longer the vicious power behind the company. She was in fact as human as the frontline staff. I feel it is important to challenge power hierarchies in everyday life as it will equip us with the fight against the new world order.  Humanity needs to work together and all get on board.

Moreover, I believe the recent riots and the problem-reaction-solution of the government showed the numbers of humans ready to rebel in mass population. The government attempted to instil the big brother fear of ‘you are not anonymous as a whole, we will find you individually and take away freedom and life.’  It has been suggested these riots have been rallied up by the very people who eventually imprisoned the rioters, and I believe this is a very real possibility. The reasons for this I don’t know, but I could assume this to be another data capturing service of those willing to resist control. The conspiracy can be researched from different resources and accounts of events. Icke talks about humans giving up their higher power to the manipulators, I fear incidents like this will keep us asking for more control, more police and more surveillance cameras.

On a last note, I believe definite changes are occurring as we move towards the end of 2012. If we consider Icke’s work and use it practically in our daily lives we would learn to understand the limits fear causes human beings and embrace new changes. To consciously be aware of ‘all’ our fellow human beings and their conditions and understand when one person suffers at the hands of the agenda we all suffer. Coming together to challenge the agenda and not passively lying down and taking what they give to us, and believing ‘infinite love is all we actually have’. Like I said to the Jehovah witnesses who knocked on my door talking about the coming of Jehovah god revolution ‘if you want a revolution you have to work on it’.

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