Western Kentucky University Students Under the Watchful Eye of High-Tech Surveillance System

Nicholas West  
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The many buildings of Western Kentucky University sit within 200 acres of campus space, and the school’s 21,000 students give it the population of a mid-size town.  Perfect place to test and implement the latest in high-tech video surveillance and management.

Students are already under the gaze of over 300 security cameras, but campus IT professionals apparently are having a difficult time centralizing the information they are receiving.  As part of a new strategy, they will be implementing Milestone Systems IP video management software.  WKU’s 250+ cameras qualify it for Milestone’s military-grade XProtect Corporate software.  As reported by Government Security News, this will give management the ability “to perform most management tasks from a central location, making it possible for a small team with limited resources to maintain such a large deployment with ease.”

According to the video demo below it also allows for flexibility in recording and archiving video footage for specified lengths of time.  Perhaps most telling in the rather dry video is the military language used.  Schools become “installations;” systems can be “deployed;” all while providing “increased situational awareness.” Also mentioned is the identification of “suspicious activity,” which has now become much more ominous upon the FBI’s release of guides for behavior that can put you on a terror watch list.

In addition to University “Campus Watch” citizen spy programs, which encourage a snitch culture in private and public partnerships with federal fusion centers around the country, the physical surveillance grid continues its expansion into every facet of American life.  It is nothing short of prisoner training, as the next generation is exposed to ever-greater levels of observation and control. If you are a college student, or work at a college, and are aware of similar video surveillance at your school, please add your comments below, or contact us at activistpost (at) gmail.com.

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