Welcome to Crazy Town

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Charlie McGrath, Contributor
Activist Post 

Welcome to crazy town or, perhaps I should say crazy nation.  The new normal in crazy nation includes a Special Forces-style Blackhawk helicopter assault mission, complete with armed troops dangling out the door ready to “get some” or “give some” in downtown Chicago.

Of course, this was just a practice run to get the crazy nation shock troops ready to defend freedom when NATO and a bunch of dignitaries come to town in a few weeks.  But, looking at some of the other material being purchased for the event, it becomes clear that the real threat is the people. Portable high security barriers, portable light towers, crowd control barriers and Blackhawks packed with combat-ready troops.

A scene torn from the pages of Orwell’s 1984, except this isn’t a work of fiction; it’s the new norm in crazy nation.

Of course crazy nation doesn’t stop there. Only in an insane nation can the General Services Administration (GSA) drop nearly a million dollars on a fundraiser while 46,800,000 people are relying on food stamp assistance to feed themselves. In case you were wondering, the funds wasted on the bash could instead have been used to cover over a hundred of those food stamp recipients for nearly two and a half years.

But who cares, right? Debt is only something to worry about when it comes time to pay back. Well, it may be time to start worrying. It was fine to print, borrow, guarantee and steal from the future when it was in the name of saving the likes of Goldman, JPM, CITI, WELLS, etc. Now that their rescue is complete and they are more systemic than ever, it’s time to pay up.

Only in crazy nation can a ‘health care bill’ lead to the expansion of the IRS by 16,000 agents. Those additional ‘enforcement specialists’ won’t go to waste, though, because it’s time to start the strong-arm tactics needed to finance Rome as it burns. In fact, the terror tactics seem to be so drastic it is even scaring some of the enforcers. According to a recent report, an IRS compliance officer was told to “show no mercy this year, to disallow everything,” and, the officer reported, “It’s frightening.”

Out of control Secret Service, Government employees are partying like students on spring break, DHS on an ammo buying binge and the IRS ready to drop the hammer on what is remaining of a shell-shocked middle class.

Hold on tight; when this system comes apart it is going to give new meaning to the phrase EPIC FAIL.

Charlie McGrath runs WideAwakeNews.com and is a host on Rense Radio network. Email him at info@wideawakenews.com. 

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