Waking Up In Paradise: Writing Contest


Maxie Maxwell
Activist Post

Some might call me a late bloomer, but I say better late than never! A friend made this statement years ago that ”Everyone’s the walking wounded.” I thought, “Speak for yourself … I’m not wounded”!!

Well that all changed when in 2005 at age 50, my memories triggered of what I now call your “garden variety” child sexual abuse from an alcoholic father. The reason I call it “garden variety” is when I started talking to people about it, I would usually hear, “Oh yea, that happened to me too.” Or “Oh yea, that happened to my sister or brother or cousin” …What the hell is going on here?

I was astounded at how common this was amongst the people I spoke with just on this tiny Big Island of Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific! Imagine how widespread this sexual abuse thing must be I thought…I had NO IDEA!!

Enter David Icke….well actually it was Coast to Coast AM that turned me onto Mr. Icke in a mindblowing interview that changed my life for the better because he made sense of it all. I wasn’t crazy….it’s the world that was all screwed up…and on purpose too!

Immediately, David’s words rang true for me, that our lives are a microcosm of the macrocosm…the macrocosm being the malevolent faction of the Reptilian race raping us and Mother Earth of our vital energy (among other things) 24/7/365 for thousands of years. WHO MADE THEM BOSS?

The “connecting of the dots” as David explains, empowered me like nothing else. The victimization, humiliation and shame started to melt away.

No one can help the world unless they recover and heal themselves first. The last thing these entities want is for us to KNOW our worth and the value of Earth.


Peace and Love await us all in the return to PARADISE!

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