U.S. ambassador: al Qaeda could plan other 9/11 from Afghanistan unless we keep fighting

Ryan Crocker

Madison Ruppert, Contributor
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According to Ryan Crocker, the American ambassador to Kabul, if the United States does not continue to occupy Afghanistan, al Qaeda would be able to plan and carry out another September 11, 2001-style attack.

Of course, this is hindered by the fact that in reality, neither al Qaeda nor Afghanistan can be held responsible for the tragic events of that day, based on the fact that there is clear evidence of a long-term cover-up and the official story is nothing short of farcical.

Setting aside the fact that the official story we have been sold by our government is full of more holes than Swiss cheese, it is still clear that Crocker is putting forth the same ludicrous fear mongering and disinformation as so many other current and former government officials have.

I have attempted to make it clear to my readers that the supposed date when coalition troops will leave Afghanistan is completely fictitious.

This was first made clear to me last year during the Afghan Loya Jirga and reinforced by decisions to deploy a cutting edge new drone and spend $35 million to expand a prison complex they were supposed to close.

Now Crocker is simply attempting to justify the inevitable sustained presence in Afghanistan by claiming that if we leave it will become a base for terrorists to operate from and strike Western targets.

“If we decide we’re tired, they’ll be back,” Crocker claimed, referencing al Qaeda.

The fact that individuals from our government continually claim that al Qaeda is a threat, while supporting the al Qaeda-affiliated Libyan opposition as well as the terrorists in the Syrian opposition which also has received support from al Qaeda.

In reality, the threat of terrorism is much less significant than our government would like us to think.

“Al-Qaeda is still present in Afghanistan. If the West decides that 10 years in Afghanistan is too long then they will be back, and the next time it will not be New York or Washington, it will be another big Western city,” Crocker claimed.

In other words, in the view of Crocker and other former and current government officials, the only option is perpetual, global war in the name of fighting the terrorist bogeymen.

62-year-old Crocker claims that Afghanistan needs Western support for years to come, although he did not specify when we would ever be able to leave. This isn’t all too surprising, since Crocker has a lot of experience justifying occupation from his time serving as ambassador to Iraq.

Officials with NATO claim (but of course do not show evidence backing up their claims) that some 100 al Qaeda militants have already returned to Afghanistan.

Furthermore, they claim that they are based mostly out of the Nuristan and Kunar provinces, which are near the border with Pakistan.

They even claim that there are hundreds more in Pakistan and if the United States were to leave, they would all flood back in and begin masterminding attacks. This is hardly surprising given that the Western media constantly demonizes Pakistan.

This makes it seem as if it is currently impossible for them to plan terrorist attacks in Pakistan, but since there are actually no al Qaeda terrorists planning attacks on Western targets (unless such an attack is approved by the Western intelligence community), it is irrelevant.

In covering these ludicrous claims made by Crocker, the British Telegraph was even able to bring up the Toulouse shooting.

They write, “Following the shootings in Toulouse this month by an al-Qaeda-inspired gunman, British intelligence officials believe the group is planning a wave of attacks against Western targets, including the London Olympics.”

Of course the only problem here is that a French official has already said that there is no evidence of the shooter being linked to al Qaeda, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has already leveraged the tragedy to his political advantage, and there is the possibility that the individual held responsible was a French intelligence asset.

Crocker even nonsensically claimed that by killing many alleged al Qaeda militants, we have somehow made them stronger by leaving their most dedicated fighters alive.

“We have killed all the slow and stupid ones. But that means the ones that are left are totally dedicated,” he claimed.

“We think we’ve won a campaign before our adversaries have even started to fight. They have patience, and they know that we are short on that,” he added, further pointing to the fact that this so-called “Global War on Terror” is perpetual and will never end so long as we allow the fraudulent threat of terrorism to be held over our heads.

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