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This blog is written from firsthand experience and sets out to set the record straight with regard to your rights (or lack of) and the rights of Robert Green – a UK journalist jailed for 12 months for the crime of ‘planning to hand out fliers’ (Breach of the Peace).

George Carlin once said:

You have no rights, you have a set of privileges which can be taken away at any time – and a right is not a right if it can be taken away- it’s a temp. privilege

By **** he was right!

After 4 days on Twitter I lost my right to tweet . . . OK not a god given right . . . FREE SPEECH!

But then what is?

For those of you who may not be aware – Robert Green was a UK journalist who had his temp. privilege — the right to be free — removed for the crime of ‘planning to hand out fliers’ which asked for an honest independent investigation into an alleged crime.

He was jailed for 9 months for breach of the peace with an additional 3 months added for breach of bail. Sounds impossible doesn’t it?  But try factoring in that the person he believed to be guilty was a judge and former colleague of the judge that sentenced him.

Now if Robert Green had been jailed or sued for slander or something similar – I could understand that. But can explain to me then how the crime of FREE EXPRESSION and FREE SPEECH warrants a year in jail in a ‘democracy’?  I’ve exercised my temp. privilege, the right to speak about this subject, although I am no longer able to do this on Twitter as I lost my right to Tweet immediately after I sent a mainstream journalist a link re Robert Green which asked him to investigate the story for himself. One of the keywords above is immediately. How did TPTB know what I had shared the instant I had shared it? Was my Twitter account being monitored? Sounds a little paranoid, but let me set the background.

I shut down my first Twitter account months back after receiving threats and abuse for pointing the facts out about the illegal war in Libya in a letter to Parliament. My MP took the letter I sent so seriously I received a response from A Burt at the foreign office which, in his mind at least, justified:

  • the legitimacy of starting an illegal conflict over Oil and Gold
  • using Depleted Uranium in a conflict zone
  • destroying The Great Man Made River
  • killing thousands of innocents
  • destroying the homes of thousands of more in the process

Against my better judgement I set up a new Twitter account; my intention being to share information which has been beneficial to my family about alternative medicine, especially with regard to treating cancer.

My thought was that if I put the information to Gary Lineker and had him pass it on to Stillian Petrov, once they realised it was proven fact that nature has provided us with what we need to stay/get healthy for thousands of years, it could cause reverberations around the health industry and start a revolution.

In China, until recently, 1 in 10,000 women died of breast cancer each year, opposed to one in 12 in UK. Rather than answer the question, I instead asked Linker to investigate it for himself by sending him a link to Confessions of a Kamikaze Cowboy – a book by Dirk Bennedict which details how shunning conventional cancer treatment and switching to a macrobiotic diet had cured him.

I encourage you to research this for yourselves; you will find the information shared by people such as Rick Simpson, Mike Adams, David Icke, Ian Crane, etc. has been known to man for thousands of years and has been suppressed since the Rockefellers took over the oil and medicine industries.

I am delighted to say that information shared by David Icke, Ian Crane etc. has been very beneficial with regard to the health of one of my family members.

As a result, I felt compelled to share it, having achieved my original goal and having made some new friends in the process. I then looked to share other information and perhaps have some interesting questions answered.

Was the threat of War with Iran what drove oil prices through the roof and benefited those who had speculated on oil futures back in October (see Gordon Duff’s article ‘Something fishy in the Gulf’)

My opinion is that although some experts will say that War with Iran is inevitable in order to impose a Rothschild-controlled central bank, having seen the Iranian president you will find that he makes the sign of baphomet and greets US presenters with Masonic handshakes – this, in my mind at least, signals to the occult world that he is already a puppet doing his masters’ bidding.

The real War is the financial War – yes, the day will most likely come when they bomb Iran to the ground, then rebuild it – but not until they have milked every cent out of oil futures first.

Another thing I shared with a journalist on Twitter was a question: Were details of Whitney Houston’s conversion to Islam removed from the English version of the Web? Before her death this was all over the Web… Now I can only find it in the Italian mainstream media

Okay, four busy days on Twitter.  What lead up to my removal was explaining the original Carlin quote to a journalist, equating it to two ‘News’ stories from this week:

  • The UK government saying that they would re-address their plans with regard to a NEW privacy law due to public outcry.
  • The SKY News hacking scandal.

If a journalist can get the authority to hack into your emails ‘because it may be in the public interest’ do you really think a Government agent cannot?

In reality, they have been snooping on us for years. George Carlin was right – you just have a bunch of temporary privileges which they can take away without hesitation under things such as the broadest b/s legislation ever – the anti terrorism legislation implemented as planned after 7/7 & 9/11.

Yes they have the right to access ALL of your information without your knowledge because they might have a ‘suspicion’ or they might know someone who suspects that you might know something.  I.E. they need no excuse at all.

And what happens when the Government announce a plan to do.. well what they already do.. a bunch of uniformed people say.. I’m really annoyed.. Please stop.. And the government give them the illusion of power..

To this end, I suggest that the immediate removal of my right to tweet proves that the Government clawing back on privacy plans due to uproar was only a smoke screen. An illusion to distract the public about what goes on in the real world – you know a World where our government views security as ensuring its sponsors make money from the oil and opium trade, the means of which is forcing our soldiers to kill and die for the resources raped and pillaged in blood from the world over.

As Gregg Braden said – the Earth will be here in 5000 years. Whether or not we as a race will still be on it, or whether we destroy ourselves by fighting with each other for resources, which is shared equally would easily sustain us, is up to us.

I long for a world where the people should encourage the best honest minds amongst us (Gregg Braden, Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert, Alex Jones, David Icke, Mike Adams, Richard D Hall, Ian R Crane, Al Martin, Gordon Duff, etc.) get together for the benefit of the people to discuss how the information regarding how suppressed sources of health/energy/technology should be released, thus saving millions of lives and uniting us as one race working together in order that we understand and develop it in order to benefit ourselves as a global community.

If you are an intelligence officer reading this – I imagine you signed up for the agency to do good. I ask you: ARE you doing good by backing the elite with their plan to wipe the majority of humanity off the planet whilst making as much bloodmoney as possible through human sacrifice?

Or would you be doing good by standing up for people like Robert Green who should not only be freed BUT should be respected and congratulated for having the balls to stand up for what is right?

We the people have a right to that – but we have to stand together as the PEOPLE and show our governments and the people that sponsor them that we are taking away their temporary privilege of ruling us.

The first step is to stand up as the people and ask that the good journalists and intelligence agents amongst us do what is right and FREE ROBERT GREEN  

This submission has been entered into a contest to win 2 premium tickets + $500 for travel to see David Icke at Wembley Arena, London — October 27, 2012.  If you like this article, please share it far and wide, as the winner will be determined by the total number of pageviews acquired before the end of the contest on June 15th.  For additional details about submissions, please visit our Contest Page.

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