The Star: Writing Contest


Cindy Fidal
Activist Post

The star you pointed out with your slender
and perfect hand the twilight approaching soon,
we gazed and fancied ourselves dancing
in the face and shadows of the moon.

Ah yes, the sprinkling points of heaven’s night
we stared at hidden sorrows of elusive plight
finding and denying our way
a tragedy we feared and prayed to keep away
an eternal goodnight
from this cruel side of life.

My son, the star you landed your soul that eve
moves across the burdened sky
brave and strong yet leaves
me longing for your bright eyes…
an island alone and weak
My inner being carries you with me
wherever my body weaves
I’ll never leave you behind just like the way
we said it would be
I feel my steps unsteady trying to believe
to move ahead yet spinning cautiously
to block pictures carried in my head
that tear the fabric of my mind
and make my soul long to be blind

Ah yes, dancing with with you on
the precipice of this fallen world
where you and I live in a place
our souls intertwined and joyously whirl
a place of eternal love with you always on my mind.

Colors of colors no words can express
your beauty in life as in death beyond the constraints of words or language
or the limits of this daunting life.
Your bronze and slender body move
in time not of this world, limitless motion, perfectly sculpted, as if by Michelangelo
and skillfully you dance and soar
unearthly music seems to roar
and your beauty is eternal and heavenly adorned
The sky of night in sparkling space
serves as our dance floor
My son, your dignity and strength
splashes hope from day to day
but my heart still lingers in an eternal question
and wishes that you never had to dance away.
I love you, Nick. Love, Momma  

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