On Sovereignty: Writing Contest


Mike Campbell

Activist Post

We live our lives to pay the fictional debt
That was created when we thought we needed to get
Permission to access the infinite wealth
That has been stolen from us by deception and stealth,
But remains the birthright of every woman and man
If we choose to reclaim it, and roll back the plan,
Formulated in London, Brussels and Rome
To subjugate, divide, deceive and demean
Those who will not relinquish their sovereignty
To the empty delusions of the powers that be.

Now is the time to fully expose
The malfeasance and hubris that is common to those
In government, commerce, allopathy and law
Who aim to contain and reduce us, with war,
Vaccinations, new legislation and loans –
But they will not succeed, if we can sense in our bones
The unbounded wonder that dwells in us all
And is awaiting release when we heed the call
To take back our freedom, to know, feel and see –
We are each all that is, was, and ever shall be.

© Mike Campbell (a.k.a. Swai) 

This submission has been entered into a contest to win 2 premium tickets + $500 for travel to see David Icke at Wembley Arena, London — October 27, 2012.  If you like this article, please share it far and wide, as the winner will be determined by the total number of pageviews acquired before the end of the contest on June 15th.  For additional details about submissions, please visit our Contest Page.

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