Oklahoma Man-made Quake Likely; U.S. Army Depot Surrounded by Fracking Wells

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Evidence for man-made earthquakes is mounting by the day.  Oklahoma has been particularly hard hit as of late.  In November, 2011, they had their largest ever recorded earthquake, measuring 5.6.  This event even prompted a tacit admission from Scientific American that “the gas drilling practice tends to be associated with minor quakes….” (Source)

Scientific American still refused to go far enough to say that major quakes could be induced, but it’s not a logical jump to make that if a previously quiet area that averaged 2 to 6 quakes per year from 1972 to 2008 suddenly spikes to 1,047 in 2010, then perhaps we should be looking at unnatural sources.  (Source)

Incidentally, nearby Arkansas has been plagued in a similar way, recording 0 quakes in 1909, but skyrocketing to over 622 in 2010.  (Source)

Researcher, Dutchsinse has been developing a database of documented evidence for man-made earthquakes.  It’s a database for which he has already undergone persecution.  Clearly, he is touching upon a sensitive area.  His latest video shows screenshots and USGS coordinates that seem to establish a startling link between fracking wells, a recent 4.0 earthquake, and the disturbing fact that there is an Army munitions depot directly across the street from this fracking zone. 

H/T – Zen Gardner

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