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Jonell Michaud
Activist Post

“Those that do not remember history are domed to repeat it,” a quote from a twentieth century philosopher George Santayana. This is exactly were the majority of the programed populace are today. It is not unusual to be frowned upon because your beliefs are not mainstream (the majority of people would rather put up with their indifference to others than to take the time to question the possibility that someone else’s ideas may have merit. People allow their anger to prejudice their beliefs.) If they could only find that quiet place and reach in to The One Consciousness, they would be able to remember were all have been and were all the answers lie.

While laying in bed trying to go to sleep (with the history channel on, big mistake history is not conducive for sleep), I set straight up in bed at the sound of this English gentleman’s voice talking about the Masons. Immediately I knew there was more I had to know about this man. I wrote his name down, David Icke. I went to my computer booted it up and was up the rest of the night reading articles, listing to videos, bookmarking, and emailing all sites to my husband, brother, and step mom. They know I’m crazy so I did not mind reinforcing their beliefs. Now just my step mom thinks I’m still crazy and I think she is too, so it all works out.

I was searching for a quick fix most of my life as to why I was here, what purpose I served, what greater power to believe in or not, was there more to life, was there others out there in the universe, etc. and what a waste of time it has been. All along it was right here inside me. Don’t get me wrong, I have not found all the answers, not even a small portion, but nor do I feel so helpless. I have yet to conquer The One Consciousness, but I am faithfully working at it. My experiences seem to come to me mostly in a dream state, some clear, some searching, and some downright frustrating to the point I must wake myself up before going totally bonkers. I have certainly curbed my anger at things happening around me as I have a much better handle on why they are playing out the way they do.

I cannot say that I agree with everything I have read of David Icke’s, but he certainly has made me sit up and take notice, do some research, and start sharing it with more people. Those people that have had their beliefs ingrained for so long know I am insane and others are willing to acknowledge different possibility. Some of the most knowledgeable people really surprise me with their closed minds and prejudices.

One would have to be a total imbecile to think that greed has not taken charge of this planet we live on. I truly believe that we are headed for a one world order and to me that is terribly freighting. Our votes do not count, many freedoms have been taken away and more are being stripped away continuously, and terrible atrocities against mankind are committed every second of every day. When we talk to the average person, they all say that they would love to have peace and harmony for all, but the governments seem to always find a reason to drag another country, another religion, another ethnic group, or just someone with different ideas into war. War on drugs, war on terrorism, war on the homeless, war on Blacks, war on Jews and the list goes on and on. Problem, Reaction, Solution over and over again.

History repeating itself over and over. Schools being dumbed down, and history being rewritten to serve some hidden agenda. The younger people all texting one another and slowly losing the ability to communicate face to face or through the strength of the written word. Just a few years ago I thought it was funny that the younger people did not remember telephone party lines, 45 records, or life with out remote controls.

Then I read in one of David’s books that our generation would be the last to know about being able to walk down the street without being caught on camera or being tracked through today’s technology. How sad it is that the newest generations will accept this as away of life and never question the ramifications.

2012? Since the time that man could think, he has always had gods and beliefs to comfort his own inadequacy.

We all have journeyed down many roads and paths and experienced different feelings and gained different knowledge as we have looked for the illusive truth. All of this experience has been recorded in The One Consciousness and is there for all to access. As for the world ending on December 21, 2012 I do not see this happening, but yes great changes are in store for all. We all must accept responsibility for our actions and stand together for our rights and the rights of those that come after us.

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