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“May you live in interesting times” is a well-known Chinese curse, so we are probably all cursed at present. My intuition, however, says that times when curses are lifted may be as equally interesting too and my life experience since the ‘thunderbolt’ of 9/11 has proven this true to my own satisfaction. It was my personal wake-up call.

Because the bulk of my learning in the past decade has been solo and exiled (not a particularly pleasant one if my five years of imprisonment are factored in) I have only really had access to ‘Awakening’ information over the past year. This isolation has been invaluable because it has enabled me to compare and contrast what is available with my own experience. Awakening is not a comfortable process. It tests assumptions, uncovers personal and global betrayals and has, at times, left my head spinning so fast I simply haven’t known what to believe.

Nevertheless, the chronically corrupted and unstable systems triggering my awakening have proved to be a gift of knowledge that could not be obtained in any other way. For this, I am grateful.

The tests and ‘initiations’ of experience have empowered my personal sense of Soul and stripped me of a lot of useless egotistical baggage at the same time. Adversity is a great equaliser! It is also a gateway into new forms of being for both our planet and her diversity of peoples. When all else has been stripped away, what remains is essence. If that essence is fundamentally creative, then future potentials become endless regardless of how repressive the opposing forces might be. If there is any lesson I could communicate from my own experiences, it would be that there is always a way through – it’s simply a case of finding it. Finding the next threshold depends upon the Spiritual lesson being taught and the creative souls that synchronicity supplies by chance or friendship.

One of the most valuable outcomes of undertaking our own journeys is learning to trust our own intuitions and funded knowledge. By funded knowledge, I am talking about life experience. It is not possible to understand and draw on such wisdom through study alone. Our human knowledge has been manipulated, twisted and edited to suit the System we have been living under. It is one thing to understand the theory, it is quite another to have experiential knowledge of the same. It gives us measures we can use to assess how accurate any new information might be.

There are many so-called Teachers of Ascension and Awakening around now. Some are excellent, others are questionable, and there really does seem to be a fair amount of garbage that demands a sifting through before it can be declared total rubbish – at least in my reality. My questions reside in how quickly the essence is accessible, what that essence is comprised of, and the quality the messenger. For the purposes of this piece, I’ll use David Icke as my example!

Without doubt, David is an authority on the NWO/Matrix mindset – he knows more about that human darkness than I care to. My gratitude must be given to the man who has looked into it so directly and deeply. The essence of darkness is quickly accessible in David’s presentations and the deeper he goes the darker it becomes. It has a price, too. I can see the physical damage this has inflicted upon his body. His single-mindedness is now embodied with difficulty with turning his head – I’d guess injury or arthritis – nevertheless, it must be painful. We cannot access this sort of dark essence without pain of some sort, so disability suggests his materials are well grounded even if I might reserve the right to disagree with some of his conclusions. But he has done the work, and I have not – so, if I am to trust some of his material, I need to have a good look at the messenger.

The concept that a former soccer goalie could transform into a global New Age prophet is a source of vast amusement, especially when set alongside other examples of British footballers – yet David has managed to do this in the face of derision and mockery. There has to be something extraordinary present because the pressures upon the individual to stop are more powerful than can be imagined. He has been in the crucible of persecution and done more than just survive. He has also remained essentially an ordinary man. His concerns remain with and for ordinary people. He can explain his knowledge in easily accessible terms and he works extremely hard to communicate it. We only have to look at how long he remains on-stage!

All in all, if I wanted an assessment of what the NWO Matrix was up to, David meets my measures for someone trustworthy to go to for answers, knowing that both he and I want me to make up my own mind on the value of what he shares. He is transparent. I can ‘see’ him both as ordinary and extraordinary. His is a valuable model of a tested man determined to become his potential. In conclusion, that makes him worth listening to, in my opinion.

Nevertheless, what interests me more than the NWO Matrix is where we are going rather than what we are leaving behind. How do I continue to develop and grow the wisdom this last decade has pounded into me? At present, I seem to be exploring my potential for personal expression via the internet. I am making links with others who know how to share information and who value what I know. I am learning what to leave behind, what to grow, what to free into the ether, but mainly I seem to be waiting for the next step.

One of the problems with ‘not knowing’ is a very human desire to fill the vacuum with imaginings. There are cargo-holds of examples on the Net these days of this phenomenon, many of which reveal surprisingly ordinary human feet of clay that suggest the results are rooted in fear. Anything which has its conception in fear is untrustworthy because, inevitably and unconsciously, it creates the very thing it seeks to avoid . . . but that’s my opinion and you are free to make up your own mind. Amongst the fantasists, however, there is still gold.

When I struggle with my ‘not-knowing’, I look for teachers whose message – channelled or otherwise – resonates with the vibration of freeing Love. I may go to listen to Bashar, for example, or the Hathors channelled by Tom Kenyon. What intrigues me about these two, whilst I love the Message, is the ordinary humanity of the channellers. This paradoxical experience is my indicator that they can be regarded as reliable informants. Their material is open-ended, allowing for unexpected surprises without ignoring the very difficult processes of Awakening. Both consistently direct me towards the resonances of Love. I don’t feel herded into some psychic compound of limited thinking and it is this that I believe is the most important essence and measure of all.

The Awakening of Humanity – the invitation we must each accept personally on our own terms – is a vast leap into our unknown future. We cannot know, with any certainty, what lies on the other side. All bets are off. All we can hope to rely upon are the fundamental Laws of Love that underpin our reality at every level. These are the Laws whose music, both human and Divine, shape the snowflakes of our journey both literally and figuratively. I suspect (and hope) they will shake our existing human structures to their foundations, opening up dimensions of new experience of growth and enlightenment. I don’t know how it will happen. I just know, to the depths of my Soul’s DNA, that it will and that I want to be a part of whatever it is.

And I also ‘know’ that it will be an extraordinary journey taken by so-called ordinary people. Why such emphasis on the ordinary? Because it is only ordinary folk who know how to make ourselves useful to others on their journeys. When we do that, we become extraordinary ourselves, discovering our own unique contribution which could only have been made by us because we found ourselves in the right place at the right time… and acted!

When we align ourselves, through free choice, to this evolution the old labels that hobbled our capacity to become who we are (like David’s “nutjob” or my criminal record), become redundant because the quality of Soul shines through our actions. We can ‘see’ each other clearly. We find compassion and forgiveness for our terrible mistakes. If we lack of completion it is because we have always been this way and always will be. There is no passion, learning, excitement or growth without these flaws. They are the irritating grains of sand that create our pearls of wisdom.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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