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Anne R.

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The old adage “better late than never” certainly applies in my case.

As my 70th birthday looms on the horizon, sadly, I only recently found David Icke’s wondrous and exciting DVDs, books and lectures on my computer. I had read and bought so many so-called New Age books and DVDs but still wasn’t satisfied at all with any of them.

How absolutely wonderful to have found David Icke.

I have always had unusual experiences in life, even as a child, although I was totally unaware that they were unusual. I would spend all my school holidays climbing up the mountain at the back of our house and upon reaching the top would stare down in wonder at the tiny island below. Lion island, shimmering in the bright blue ocean below. I could feel the sand and rocks vibrating under my bare feet and the trees seemed to sigh and sing. It seemed perfectly natural to me and being very young just thought, well, that’s what rocks, sand and trees do! The occasional snake, the odd spider and a kangaroo would pass and not interrupt my reverie. Time no longer existed. Just my vibrations as one with nature’s vibrations.

It wasn’t until in school, after we had to relate our holiday experiences, that my teacher called my parents and I to a meeting to discuss my progress or lack of, that I heard words such as “daydreamer” — needs to reign in her imagination. Doesn’t focus. Boy, oh boy, I thought, how glad I am that I didn’t tell my music teacher that I could see scenes and bright colours when I played the piano.

I rebelled against religion, although was made to don a straw hat and head off to church in the family car every Sunday. The whole sermon seemed to be based on fear. Manipulation in full flight. The parsimonious tones of the minister telling us that if we followed their rules and became “god fearing?” citizens and turned the other cheek, etc. then we could be sure to go to heaven; or, if not, then hell. Fear. Terror, fire and brimstone. Never believed a word of it! Much to my parents’ horror, I instinctively knew there was more than meets the eye. 

I continued to have “unusual” experiences during a trip to the Simpson Desert with my husband. I could hear very clearly the sounds of the Didgeridoo, the sacred musical instrument of the indigenous Aboriginal people, although we were the only people around for hundreds of kilometres. Just the huge dark red, setting sun and the black silhouette of the desert. Exactly as is depicted on the Aboriginal National flag.

We now live on the outskirts of Lucas Heights nuclear reactor in what is laughingly called the “safe” zone! My husband died from cancer at a young age. During one of the many protest meetings we attended to protest against the expansion of the plant many local residents came and spoke of the terrible increase of cancer in the area. A street close to the reactor has many, many people, both adults and children who have various forms of cancer. Sadly these homes cannot sell as everyone now knows the history of the area. Medical isotopes! I think not, as there is a heavy presence of military personnel employed there. Although we live several kilometres away, there is no safe zone.

Imagine how happy I was to first come across David Ickes video on life and death! Of course…now it all makes sense. What a WONDERFUL brave man you are David. A profound peace has come over me …..YES we are all vibrational fields/computers experiencing life in human form. I have renewed energy to keep up the exposure of those who are manipulating us. I am still very active and have a job as art, English and music teacher. Excellent opportunities to speak to people of David Icke and his Warrior Work towards enlightenment and truth.

Since finding David I have hardly slept a wink! I can’t tell you David how much you have done to answer my questions and also to show me what is really going on. It appears to me that there are several “movies” or levels of so called reality trying to run through and control our experiences as humans. One level of manipulation used aggressively by those in power is fear.

I have just returned from a working holiday in China and Vietnam and witnessed firsthand the fear and corruption that exists there. Preferring to live with the people rather than staying in hotels I was able to witness firsthand what was happening to the people who were living under the control and fear of these corrupt regimes. The fear of the population was palpable and the abject acceptance of this control saddened me immensely. People were too frightened to speak as the secret police were hovering around always. Fear is alive and strong in these countries. I have witnessed first hand, bribery and heard from many people of the sudden disappearance of relatives never to be seen again. This is control at its most potent.

However, even there I also witnessed a “stirring” of discontent, and many expatriates are working tirelessly to free these people and their oppression by a corrupt government.

The crucial thing is to realise that we ARE consciousness and we CAN take control. Control of our consciousness. To realise we are being bombarded and controlled electronically in so many ways and in particular the press television, music mobile phones and the like. The water we drink, the food…all contaminated with chemicals….

David Icke’s book Human Race Get Off Your Knees will serve as an alert for the people to what is really going on. You are our wake up call, David.


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