Indigo Children, Star Seeds and Crystal Children: Writing Contest


Henny van Erp Taalman Kip
Activist Post

I was born 50 years ago, and since I reached the age of 4, I knew there was something more going on beyond our visual world. I had a near death experience while I drowned…

My Guardian Angel spoke to me at that time and told me it wasn’t my time to go. Strangely enough she let me breathe under water, giving me the chance to walk to the surface again and live my life.

After that experience my sensitivity of the world around me and the people living in it, became very diffusing in a way that I noticed the lies and the masks a lot of people were dragging around. The whole world seemed to be a big lie!

The only thing was, nobody else saw it, but me. Was I going mad or were my feelings telling me the truth? This went going on my whole life. It was a lonely journey because nobody else could explain it to me otherwise, so I kept those secrets to myself because I didn’t want to end up in a mental hospital.

At times I looked with tears in my eyes from above our planet and noticed the destruction of our Mother Earth which was very hurtful in my teenage years. I was literally ashamed to be human and nobody else could understand those feelings.

Surely there were some periods I thought I was going insane. It got to me in a way that I became mad, sad, depressed and alienated, but my love for our planet and all the beautiful living things depending on it, kept me going.

Somehow, at different periods in my life, those from ‘above’ showed me time and time again that I was not alone, and that there was really something going on beyond our visual world. Step by step they showed me more over the years.

Not only paranormal experiences like telepathy, ghosts, high sensitive intuition, other near death experiences, guardian angels and so on, but also a lot of friendly UFO’s which started in July 2006 with the peak in the year of 2010.

I understand by now, that the ones from ‘above’ made me ready for 2012, the time of my purpose in life, the time of breaking the lies and creating new consciousness!

At this time the others like me are awakening, and a whole lot of children were and are born this way nowadays.

The Indigo children, Star seeds and Crystal children, or whatever they are calling us, are starting to recognize each other. We all have a need to change this world into a better place and we all resist doctrine and propaganda techniques. David Icke is one of them, and the first one to spit it all out loud without any restrictions!

Sadly enough a lot of those children are thrown in a variety of so called personality disorders like ADD, ADHD and so on and on. Medicated with hard drugs like Ritalin and losing their souls slowly with the use of it.

Finally after all those years it became clear to me:

The purpose of my life is to guide those children, and let them understand who they are. But most of all: Bringing consciousness to their parents, teachers and caretakers. Just to prevent those children from falling further away from their being and guide them to their purpose:

Letting us SEE and prepare us for the Transformation into consciousness.

After all, they have to clean up our mess…

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