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Carol Noble
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I am an ordinary person, insignificant in society’s eyes. I am nothing special; no fame, no riches, or personal achievement other than to be still alive after sixty three years on this Earth.

Nevertheless, I believe this can be a very important position to be in; it enables me to observe from the outer rim of human society the success or failure others have made of managing life on this planet.

The result of my observations have required me to forego the information, attitudes, activities and beliefs that I have been taught by those assigned to enlighten me. Instead, I have had to accept that no-one, not even myself, is infallible, or is accurate in their knowledge.

I have watched as society has allowed technology to do most of what humans did in the past. I accept that technology can be useful, but in my youth people still had control and could intercept if necessary to amend any errors which occurred. Now, people let the technology carry out most tasks, and if something does go wrong then find it impossible to intercede and correct the error. This has resulted in far worse results than occurred in the past when technological control was more limited.

Technology can enable those who for one reason or another are disabled, unable to accomplish tasks able bodied complete with ease. For financial reasons many ordinary, able bodied people have adopted the disabled’s technology with the result that they now, over time, have become “disabled”. The old adage, “use it or lose it” applies to human skills.

Mobile phones have made ordinary people “addicted” to their use: in 2003 I knew someone who found it almost impossible to turn off her mobile phone and would become seriously agitated and refuse point blank to turn it off even when at a group training session. This mobile phone was not connected to the Internet or social networking sites such as Facebook, or Twitter. Mobile phones did not have that capability at that time, not in the UK at least. Since then I have watched people constantly holding their mobile phones when at the most prestigious important events; celebrities of various kinds, politicians, sports people, and others, all prefer to communicate via mobile phones and often say the stupidest things. The number of times supposedly intelligent, important people, have made unguarded, unwise remarks, is legion. But at least I am now able to discern who truly understands what they are saying and doing, rather than pretending they understand what to say and do!

But it is not only technology that has undermined our human abilities, but the stage magic being acted out in society generally. Any good stage magician will know how to misdirect an observer’s gaze from what is really happening to a false event. The same is the case with our “important” world leaders. Politicians try their best to misdirect us towards a different topic in the hope that we won’t pursue a more relevant and for the politicians more dangerous subject. Global corporations have abandoned the original purpose for their existence, namely to supply a service or goods that the rest of the population require for a modest remuneration; instead they insist that the only reason they exist is to make money and any goods or services they give are a token gesture.

There are no ethics in business and so we end up with the minimal standard of goods or services that these corporations can get away with for a very high cost.

These are the surface changes I have observed over the decades, but other less public events have occurred which contributed to my present perception of life and society. What we are officially told is rarely the truth, and often the complete opposite of what we are encouraged to believe by those who make global decisions. There is also, for me at least, many incidents in my life which have been what some would call “paranormal” but if I mention them to others within my community, or society as a whole, they are dismissed as hallucinations, delusions, and other psychobabble, so I no longer relate to people personal events. Nevertheless, there have been enough to make me realise that life is not quite what it seems.

Many other people have encountered much of what I have discerned or experienced. David Icke is but one of these people, and whilst I do not agree with everything he says, nevertheless there is a large amount of perceptive ideas that we do both believe.

A few years ago my mother once said to me, “I heard David Icke on the radio last night. He said many things you have mentioned to me. Was he the one who made you believe such things?”

I replied, “I am glad you heard David Icke for he is a very good orator and yes I do agree with many things he says, but he has confirmed many facts that I had already come to believe INDEPENDENTLY! He was not the catalyst to encouraging me carry out my personal research. But please, listen to him again if you can for he can explain these matters far better than I ever can.”

I don’t know if she truly believed me, but she accepted my explanation. She died in 2006; if she was still alive she would be shocked and deeply hurt to find so much of what David and I have predicted has already come true.

My continual research and personal experiences have led me to believe that perhaps we are living in a virtual reality world, a game called “life”, and the rich, somewhat lazy elite who expect ordinary people, or machines, to their boring personal survival chores, are definitely attempting to change not only the programme we call life but also its background environment. If this is incorrect then all I can say is the elite are so mentally myopic that they are now totally incompetent and are unable to see it, mentally blind. In the past public opinion helped those in power to judge the effects their decisions were having on life in general, but today the elite ignores public opinion and sees no reason why they should ever listen to public opinion again. Their arrogance and ignorance overwhelming the rest of life and society.

It is possible to see what is happening around us if we look for signs. We then need to understand how the sub-routines work. But most importantly we need to recognise that when we leave this virtual reality game we are but a small piece of emotional energy I call “self awareness”, and this can take memories with it, but not physical items. In that state we can move through time and space at will but we can only interact in a physical way if we have a matter body, and to obtain this body we must be prepared to sacrifice something, which in this instance is the ability to move through time and space at will.

Yet, there is coming a time when such things will be possible for us all again, that I “know”, although I can’t say how I know, I just know!

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